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There needs to be real focus on the financial happiness of employees

Show your employees you’re serious about their financial future! Research undertaken by the CIPD over the last few years has shown that financial wellbeing is often overlooked by some organisations compared to physical and mental wellbeing. Yet money worries are a big cause of stress for employees. There needs to be real focus – and […]

Financial wellbeing in the workplace can no longer be a dream luxury

Employees might hold back from discussing their finances at work because they may be unsure if it would benefit them to do so. Lifetime believe that with the right financial wellbeing programme in place then employees will begin to see the benefits with far more clarity. They will understand that help is on hand and […]

Your financial health also affects your mental health

There’s an important theme running through this week. And we want to play our part in highlighting it! It is…..Mental Health Awareness Week! Your mental health is so, so important. It can affect how we feel, think and act. It can heavily influence our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. At Lifetime we believe that your […]

Many UK adults are not planning for retirement or later life, new survey suggests

Three-quarters of UK adults have carried out little or no planning when it comes to the money they will need in later life and retirement. That’s according to a new report carried out by Standard Life. Their survey took in the thoughts and opinions of 5,000 18-91-year-olds in the UK. And 73% admitted that they […]

Helping your employees gain full control of their financial lives

There are plenty of reasons why financial wellbeing should be on any HR agenda. Employees with money worries are more likely to be distracted by those worries while at work. They may also have sleepless nights, leading to days when they simply can’t face work. Providing an independent means through which they can seek answers […]

A place to find the answers to your important financial questions

You’ve got a question. Perhaps more than one. They could well be one of these: When can I retire?    How much life insurance and protection do I need?        Where can I find a financial adviser? How much will I need when I retire?  Can I afford to see a financial adviser?   […]

Talking money matters with a professional could help ease your stress levels

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992. The purpose of having such a month is to raise awareness of the causes and possible cures for such a burden on our mental health. Now, let’s face it, it appears that stress is affecting more and more people. We’ve had to endure a couple […]

Excellent feedback from Lifetime pension webinar

 “Thanks, lots to think about” “Thanks again…took away some good pointers” “Thank you, brilliant session!” “Please may I thank you for arranging this presentation. It was very well delivered and the team at Lifetime were very professional and knowledgeable” “Thought the info was good and ‘learning’” The above were just some of the comments we […]

It is no joke, employees need help now

 Almost one in two UK adults (45%) don’t feel confident managing their money day to day. One in five people say their employer is not doing enough to support their financial wellbeing You may think that we are pulling your leg with these stats, considering it is April 1st, #aprilfoolsday! But sadly this is no April […]