Let Flo help find answers to those important questions you keep asking yourself

People often seek financial advice because of a specific issue, such as a concern over a pension policy, but right at the heart of that need is one overriding thing: peace of mind.

It is an important goal and what cash flow financial modelling is all about.

Are these the sort of questions you keep asking yourself? If so, come and talk to us. Let #Flo be your guide. You will get answers.

Will I have enough?
When can I retire? / Can I afford to retire?
Could I work part-time?
Why should I be saving?
What would happen if a parent goes into a care home?
How do I pay my bills if I can’t work?
Will my partner and kids be okay if I became really ill?
Have I enough to do the things I want in the future?
I am anxious about money
Can I afford to start a new business?
Am I doing the right thing?
I want to know if I can have that ‘big holiday’ I’ve always dreamed of
Talking about my money scares me
Can I afford to take risks with my savings?
What size mortgage can I afford?
I want to be able to help my children with their future
I need advice but don’t know who I can trust

A digital planning process aimed at giving you better informed money choices

Technology is transforming every facet of our lives and we believe that a new era of financial planning is upon us.

As one of Lifetime’s core values is Innovation, we have put time and resources into establishing a dynamic, digital service that can combine our more traditional face-to-face proposition with another pathway for clients to take control of their finances and make better informed money choices.

Our secure online portal gives us the platform to deliver your own bespoke financial plan screen-to-screen, albeit with the key personal touch provided by our highly-qualified financial coaches.

We are endeavouring to bridge the advice gap by providing all generations with easy and secure access to full financial planning, together with a great digital experience.

What is meant by the term ‘Financial Planning’?

Financial planning is an ongoing process that helps you make sensible decisions about
money, so that you achieve your goals in life.

It is about getting organised. It is far better to be in control of your finances rather than letting those finances control you.

Many people find their finances confusing, aren’t sure where they are headed, or would like a little more guidance on how to manage their money. They wonder when they can retire, how their family would cope if they were unable to work, or whether they can afford to make their aims for the future come to life.

Only by having a purpose-built, fluid plan in place will you be able to know and understand your current financial position, have the necessary signposts in place to chart your way, and take the necessary steps to attain your goal.

In other words, a sound financial plan is a road map to your objectives.

Lifetimer Anji delighted with RO5 exam success

Lifetime trainee financial planner Anji Ward has been studying hard for the past few months – and that work has paid off with a terrific exam success.

Anji (pictured below), who is based at our Driffield office along with financial planners Robert Bligh and Kris Ward, has passed the RO5 (Financial Protection) paper.

Well done Anji! Many congratulations!

Another cash boost for Barnsley Hospice from Lifetime referral scheme

Lifetime’s highly successful referral scheme has resulted in another cash boost for Barnsley Hospice.

The hospice’s corporate fundraiser Simon Atkinson was a welcome visitor to Lifetime House on Tuesday morning to receive a cheque for £198.02 from our director William Bottomley (pictured below).

  • The foundation of our financial management business has always been the relationships we have had with our clients and Lifetime has been built upon their loyalty and the level of service we have been able to provide. We have grown and continue to do so through the recommendations and referrals we receive from them, this has helped us to remain profitable and so able to improve our services to all our clients.
  • If you are happy with the service you have received from Lifetime and know of family, friends or colleagues you feel could benefit from this service then we have found a way that will also benefit your local community.
  • For all introduced clients to Lifetime, we will donate, on your behalf, 10% of any initial fees generated on new transactions completed with these clients, to your local hospice.


Lifetime thrilled to be named in Financial Advisers top 100 for 2019

Lifetime is committed to delivering a great financial planning service to our clients.

Making their journey with us a truly great experience is paramount.

So it is lovely to be included as one of the top 100 Financial Advisers 2019, according to

Everyone at Lifetime can be proud of this latest recognition – and we are determined to carry on our great work and continue to put our clients and their goals and objectives at the very heart of all that we do.

Lifetimer Joseph passes R01 finance exam

Lifetime trainee financial planner Joseph Dickinson is celebrating exam success.

On Tuesday morning Joseph (pictured below) passed the R01 financial services, regulation and ethics exam.


 Many congratulations Joseph!


The need to understand our financial picture

How times have changed!

The responsibility of managing your finances, and that of your family, has never been more onerous than at this present time!

In years gone by the majority of companies offered pension schemes that were fully managed by Trustees. If you were a member of one of those schemes then you had virtually no decisions to make.

These days many people are members of different types of schemes that require decisions to be made and choices to be understood. It is Lifetime’s opinion that few members are qualified to make the correct
decisions and need help and guidance.

The pension world has become a very complex place and we are here to help you make the right decisions, by getting you to fully understand your financial position.

Recent pension and tax legislation has given the public much more flexibility and choice. But that brings with it so much responsibility! At the time you are about to make key decisions do you fully understand all that legislation, the various options and the in-depth tax detail required to make the right choice for you and your circumstances?

Have you been asking yourself ‘when can I retire?’

When can I retire?

Quite often it can be hard to imagine life in retirement. It is even trickier figuring out how to achieve it.

You have a limited time to plan for your future and so you need to make sure that you make the right decisions during your working life.

Have you been asking yourself?

  • When can I retire?
  • How much do I need?
  • How do I manage my investments in the most tax-efficient way?
  • Is consolidating my pensions right for me, and how do I do it?
  • Who can help me?

They are big questions! Questions that you can answer if you fully understand your financial picture.

Pensions and tax planning can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you make informed decisions to set you up well for your future.

Lifetimer Danny delighted with RO5 exam success

Lifetimer Danny North is one very delighted young man!

Danny (pictured below) has been studying hard in the last few months – and that work has paid off with a terrific exam success.

Danny has passed his RO5 (Financial Protection) paper. Well done Danny! Many congratulations!