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Knife-edge decision sees Bank Of England keep interest base rate at 5.25%

The Bank of England today (Thursday, September 21st) chose to leave the UK’s interest rates unchanged at 5.25%. The Bank (BOE) had previously raised rates 14 times in a row, in a battle to bring down inflation. That had led to increases in mortgage payments, but also higher savings rates. It was tipped as being […]

Making the right decisions that will bring protection for your loved ones

It is vitally important to have the knowledge and ability to make good decisions that will protect your family and loved ones if there is an unexpected/untimely death, illness or accident. For example, if you or your partner were unable to work would your household expenditure be covered? Lifetime’s specialists work with you to answer […]

How to help bring about a happier, healthier and more financially aware workforce

Even in the most upbeat company cultures and environments, staff can still get stressed out about their personal finances. When employees can’t focus on work due to the financial strain and worry they are under, it is not only they who suffer. Employers pay the price too, particularly when it comes to motivation, concentration and […]

A financial plan; what is it, why it’s important and how can you get one

Finance professionals and experts often talk about having ‘a financial plan’. But just what is it? Why is it so important? And how can you get one? Well, the first thing to point out is that money is an important subject. It often plays a crucial part in how you live your life, now and […]

Rise in money-related health issues

The latest research shows that half of doctors and other health and care professionals are reporting a rise in money-related health issues. And yet the majority of those dedicated health and care professionals feel they are unequipped to have such financial conversations with the patients affected. While they are tremendously talented and highly skilled in […]

Lifetime attend Vivup Benefits Day to promote wellbeing in the workplace

Members of the Lifetime team attended the Vivup Benefits Day in Birmingham on Thursday (August 3rd). Our COO Andy Wealthall, along with colleagues Sarah Kewley and Georgia Ryder, were at the Lifetime stand, talking about the importance of financial wellbeing and education within the workplace. Andy also delivered a presentation explaining how Lifetime’s financial wellbeing […]

Bank of England raises interest base rate by a further 0.25%

The UK’s interest rate has today (Thursday, August 3rd) been raised a further 0.25% by the Bank of England (BOE), to a new level of 5.25%. It is the 14th hike in a row and the last time the base rate was this high was over 15 years ago, back in April 2008. The reason […]

Taking the high road for the people who need us

Taking the high road. As a financial services company, we have always championed the importance of putting customers first. Indeed, our core values are geared towards delivering the very best service we can for the people who ask for our help. We stand by the line: “If it’s not right for the client, then it’s […]

Finding solutions for poor financial wellbeing

It is frightening when you see the damage that can result from poor financial wellbeing. We’ve seen it. That’s why we are passionate about delivering a solution. Wellbeing in the workplace is a hot topic. Employees are seeking help, and inaction is simply not an option anymore. A holistic financial wellbeing programme, established deep into […]

Lifetime shortlisted in three categories for this year’s prestigious Workplace Savings and Benefits Awards

Lifetime is thrilled to have been shortlisted in three categories for this year’s Workplace Savings and Benefits Awards. The accolades, which recognise both employer and provider excellence, attracts many of the best and biggest organisations in the UK, as well as the most innovative, and the whole team at Lifetime are proud to have been […]