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The Government’s Autumn Statement – what does it all mean?

The cost of living is soaring at its fastest rate for 40 years. The latest official figures for the cost of living showed that the annual inflation rate jumped to a 41-year high of 11.1% last month, in large part due to a 90% increase in domestic energy bills and rising food prices. In his […]

Financial wellbeing is a subject that needs to be embraced – for the good of us all

Financial education plays an important role in helping people. Sadly, this isn’t something that we receive in our days at school, and as a result many people enter adulthood with very little knowledge of money matters. They find themselves having to learn as they go. That may be okay for some people, but not the […]

Lifetime Employee Survey discovers what money issues your workforce is worrying about

As part of Lifetime’s ongoing efforts to get employees actively engaged with their finances (getting them to talk about their money and fully understand their financial situation), we produce an ‘Employee Survey’. It is used to ‘take the temperature’ of a workforce – and discover just what is on their minds when it comes to […]

Talking about your money can bring big benefits – and lead to financial wellbeing!

This week is…..#TalkMoneyWeek! It is a week that has been designed to increase awareness about the benefits of talking about money. It aims to try and increase people’s sense of financial wellbeing by encouraging them to open up about their personal finances – from pocket money through to pensions. It is so, so important to […]

Things we could do to ease stress – including seeking financial guidance!

Today is National Stress Awareness Day (held every year on the first Wednesday in November). Now, let’s face it, we have all had our fair share of stress days in 2022, what with the cost of living crisis and soaring energy and fuel bills. In these turbulent times, many companies and individuals are either wrestling […]

A pension can play such an important role in your life

This week is #PensionAwarenessWeek. Here at Lifetime we heartily agree it is a subject that needs raising awareness of! Pensions can be a complex subject and we understand the importance a pension can play in someone’s life. Do you know what sort of pension you have? Do you know where your pension is situated? Do you […]

Lifetime lands county crown as most customer-focused financial advisory firm

Lifetime has landed a top award for its customer service. The company has been named the Most Customer-Focused Financial Advisory Firm – South Yorkshire in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. The awards programme, run by hosted by SME News, celebrates organisations who work tirelessly to make financial services and advice a positive benefit to as […]

Taking control of your retirement dreams

Every month, more than 10 million people in the UK attempt to squirrel away some money towards their retirement. Yet how many of us are confident that what we are saving is enough? Will there be sufficient money to retire when we want – and live how we want in later life? Surprisingly few people […]

Why choose Lifetime as a financial wellbeing partner for your organisation?

Why choose Lifetime as a financial wellbeing partner for your organisation? Well…. We are specialists in workplace financial education, and have spent years answering the most important questions that employees have. We are passionate about bringing financial freedom and financial health to as many people as possible. Lifetime works closely with employers to deliver tailored […]

Spending time to plan your finances is crucial ahead of any mortgage move

Spending time to map out your finances is a very worthwhile exercise ahead of any plans to acquire a mortgage. It is also advisable to seek out a reputable mortgage broker who can help steer you through to the right outcome. Increases in the Bank of England’s base rate don’t immediately translate into higher rates […]