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Desert Island Discs: Paul Lee

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Posted on: 30/04/2015

Desert Island Discs: Featuring Lifetime Financial Planner Paul Lee:

DesertIslandDiscsPaul Lee

Here is my list for you all – enjoy or laugh at!

Disc One: One Vision – Queen

I have been a Queen fan since 1984 and it would have been really easy to pick eight Queen tracks, but this is my favourite track, even above Bohemian Rhapsody!


Disc Two: A Bad Dream – Keane

There’s very little music that my wife and I agree on, but Keane is one band upon which we do –  and for both of us this is our favourite track from them.


Disc Three: New Sensation – INXS

Back to my school days. Kick by INXS is still one of the most played albums I own – and this iconic track makes the cut onto my final list……


Disc Four: Song 2 – Blur


Disc Five: Whatever – Oasis

I was never into just Blur or just Oasis in the Britpop battle of the 90’s. I sat on the fence and bought albums by them both! The Oasis track ‘Whatever’ was out around the time I bought my first house and sums up my joy of having my own place and being able to do whatever I wanted. Song 2 by Blur brings back memories of playing FIFA 98 on the playstation 1 (how old am I?!!) as this was a track used on the game.


Disc Six: I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs

I still really love the Kaiser Chiefs but their early work is the best for me – and this track is by far the best.


Disc Seven: Kidz – Take That

This track is from Take That’s Progress album and was out around the time my daughter Hope was born. It says everything that all new parents feel; there  truly is ‘trouble when the kids come out’!


Disc Eight: A Day In The Life – The Beatles

One of my prized possessions is a vinyl original Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band album, ‘pinched’ from my mum! This is a great track from that album.


Choice of book: A Good Walk Spoiled, by John Feinstein




My luxury item- My iphone!





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