Financial Wellbeing

for Employees

Over half of employees admit to feeling stressed or worried about their financial situation.

There is a clear link between financial stress and absenteeism resulting in employees missing an average of 6.2 work days per year.

It doesn’t end there. Financial concerns make workers four times more likely to be clinically depressed. And staff who admit to struggling with their financial situation are twice as likely to leave their jobs.*

A financial wellbeing service can change this.
* Statistic sources: Lifetime 2023 Employee Survey/CIPD Employee Financial Wellbeing/PWC financial wellness survey

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Employees are turning to their employers for support and guidance.

Financial wellbeing is now recognised as the number one workplace benefit.

Implementing our service into your organisation not only brings big benefits for your people but you too! It will help your organisation perform better, be more creative, reduce staff turnover, sickness and absences.

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What we offer:

The plan is in the form of a bespoke video highlighting the opportunities and challenges on the road ahead.

Financial Plans

Our fully trained coaches work with employees to build their own financial planning video.

A coach takes into account anything that an employee tells them, which will help create a plan that goes right until a person’s 100th birthday.

The plan is in the form of a bespoke video highlighting the opportunities and challenges on the road ahead.

The Learning Hub

Lifetime’s financial wellbeing package has one overwhelming philosophy – and that is to help our employer partners in supporting their employees.

Our service features a secure, online educational hub that you can now access from your app.

It offers a wealth of video content – added to every month – that covers all areas of their personal finances.

Engagement with Lifetime Coaches

An employee needing help, guidance or more information can schedule unlimited one to one chats with a coach.

This individualised approach ensures that employees receive tailored assistance that can help them gain full control of their personal finances, have a plan that they can rely on, and look forward to their future with confidence and clarity.

The coach will ensure that an employee’s hopes, dreams and ambitions are central to their plan.

Live webinars and Q&A sessions

Our team of experts host informative live webinars and Q&A sessions on key financial topics, that can be accessed by employees regardless of their geographical location.

These webinars provide valuable knowledge and insights, as well as opportunities for employees to ask any burning questions they might have.

Tools and Resources

A variety of tools and resources to help employees take control of their personal finances, that can be accessed via the app.

The world of finance can be confusing, so we are committed to offering clear and jargon-free communication through various channels, including a monthly newsletter, easily accessible digital and printable posters, Q&A sessions, comprehensive employee guides and surveys.

Within the app, your employees will be able to find planning calculators to help navigate mortgages, pensions and budgeting.

All of these materials ensure that information is conveyed in a straightforward and understandable manner.

Bespoke Workshops

Together with your Engagement Manager you can arrange virtual interactive workshops for your employees.

These can be tailor-made to your requirements and needs, focussing on the areas of finance and wellbeing that are most concerning to your people.

The educational workshops will be informative and friendly, with Lifetime’s experts on hand to explain and chat about any financial issues.

Bespoke Educational Video Content

Our financial wellbeing service offers a wealth of bespoke educational video content, that is available on an employee’s hub (and can also be accessed via the Lifetime app).

The videos cover all money matters, with new content added each and every month, keeping employees fully up to date with anything related to personal finances.

Access To The Experts

All Lifetime’s financial specialists are highly trained and knowledgable in their area of expertise and can help to make informed decisions regarding personal finances.

Having been provided with a bespoke financial video, an employee can enjoy access to any of Lifetime’s specialists if their plan highlights any area of their finances that needs further exploration. This may concern pensions, mortgages, financial planning, protection, investments, savings and estate planning. Our experts will provide advice and recommendations based on the employees needs.

Support with dedicated Engagement Managers

An assigned engagement manager works with you to ensure your employees get the best possible benefit out of the partnership.

Your engagement manager will meet with you regularly to make sure we’re providing the support, help and guidance you seek, as well as report back on engagement rates and survey satisfactions.

We also actively encourage feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and support.

Easy Access - Email, Phone, Screen To Screen & Live Chat

We make it as easy as possible to engage with us. You can do so via the Lifetime app, telephone, email, screen to screen or by using our website’s Live Chat facility.

Lifetime’s mission is always to put the customer first, so we ensure that everyone has clear and comfortable access to the support they need.

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*taken from the Lifetime annual survey

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