Your financial future

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Welcome to the Lifetime App

Access to financial wellbeing

You can now use your mobile phone to access your very own financial wellbeing and planning service.

Just download the Lifetime app from either the Google play store or the Apple store.

The app provides a user-friendly chat function that enables quick and easy access to our dedicated team. Users can engage in real-time conversations with our knowledgeable staff, and conveniently add documents directly from their mobile phones.

Financial wellbeing made easier. For everyone. Placing your financial future in your pocket.

A bespoke financial plan

Our responsibility is to guide you through your financial journey. What that ultimately means is that you have a financial plan which accurately reflects your current situation, and incorporates your goals and ambitions for the future.

Your plan is in the form of a bespoke video, put together by your personal Lifetime coach highlighting the opportunities and challenges on the road ahead.

The process is an easy one and your coach is available to help answer any questions you may have.

One on one support with a coach

If you need help, guidance or more information you can use the app to schedule one on one chats with a coach.

This individualised approach ensures that you receive tailored support that can help you gain full control of your personal finances, have a plan that you can rely on, and look forward to your future with confidence and clarity.

Educational video content

Financial education is a crucial element in navigating your financial future.

We provide secure access to bespoke educational video content that’s engaging, jargon free, and to the point.

The videos cover all money matters, with new content added each and every month, keeping you fully up to date with all things finance related.


Our team of experts host informative webinars on key financial topics.

These sessions provide valuable knowledge and insights into the financial world, focussing heavily on personal money matters.


Participate in bespoke workshops that will be held throughout the year, helping you prepare for key stages in life.
For example:

- Planning for retirement
- Buying your first home
- Budgeting
- Good debt vs bad debt

Access to financial specialists

Accessing our specialists couldn’t be easier. Meetings are organised screen to screen, with no need to travel or prepare for a visit. Your specialist will want to get to know you and discuss the challenges and opportunities your plan has highlighted. In preparation, they will have fully reviewed your video and following the conversation will be able to build recommendations and advice based on your circumstances.

Why do we start with a plan? A plan ensures that we have a full picture of your current financial situation, aspirations and any concerns that may impact your financial journey.

This allows you to make informed decisions putting you in control of your future.

Insightful Articles

We will always keep you updated and informed.

We produce regular articles that feature current financial news, financial wellbeing tips and other relevant topics in straightforward and jargon-free language, ensuring accessibility and clarity for everyone.

Putting you right in the picture when it comes to your personal finances!

Tools and Resources

All the tools and resources that you’ll ever need can be accessed from your app to help you take control of your personal finances.

- Pension planning
- Mortgage planning
- Budgeting tools
- Access to support and information around wills, powers of attorney and general estate planning

Everything to ensure that your pathway to financial health is straightforward and understandable. 

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