About us

We are seasoned financial wellbeing professionals, driven by an unwavering passion to empower individuals in making precise financial choices tailored to their unique circumstances and aspirations. We not only equip you with the tools to make informed decisions but also provide ongoing support to ensure you can adapt and thrive.

Your financial future, your way – let’s make it happen!

Our mission

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The Team

Lifetime have a team of dedicated individuals to help bring financial wellbeing to the nation.

The team use our values to deliver high quality education, planning and expertise to all clients and employers across the UK.

One thing we always want our staff to feel is pride. Proud to be Lifetime is an important message across the business and it’s the Lifetime team that have made us award winners.

Our Values

Excellent communication is a cornerstone of our business.

We strive for seamless and open communication.

We pride ourselves on being direct, honest, considerate and friendly. Our role is to listen to understand and make the complicated simple.

Innovation is our jet-pack and we believe that creative thinking will fuel our future success.

Changing the face of financial services through fresh ideas, the latest technology and partnerships to create a unique proposition for our clients.

Integrity, openness and honesty are part of our DNA.

“If it’s not right for the client, then it’s not right for us”.

Our goal is to build life-long ethical partnerships with our colleagues, clients and the community, which benefit us all.

We consider the impact on our colleagues and clients in every decision we make.

We care about our business and take pride in delivering great service and quality for our customers.

We are passionate and take responsibility to: “think bigger than ourselves”.

We are empowered to challenge the status quo and give our best.

We believe in the power of relationships to deliver outstanding work.

Our diverse skills and experience help us achieve our goals.

We work collaboratively to realise our common purpose and reward colleagues who go above and beyond.

We aspire to be a high performing team, cultivating potential and encouraging unique contribution.

Why us?

With a wealth of experience, we’re at the forefront of delivering financial education, guidance, and unwavering support to countless individuals, couples, families and businesses.

Our commitment to providing dedicated, personalised service is at the heart of all we do. Whether you’re embarking on your journey as a first-time homebuyer or contemplating retirement, our guiding hand is here for you. We don’t just listen; we understand and simplify the complexities.

Our innovative approach to financial education and precision cash flow modelling allows us to forge enduring relationships built on trust and transparency. We’re not just advisers; we’re partners in your financial journey, ensuring you have the freedom, security, and confidence to make the right choices.

Whether you’re seeking advice on pensions, investments, insurance protection, or mortgages, we are dedicated to safeguarding your financial future.

"We listen to understand - and make the complicated simple. Integrity, openness and honesty are part of our DNA."