Here is a man! Lifetime’s new animation is unveiled – and goes down a treat!

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Here is a man! Lifetime’s new animation is unveiled – and goes down a treat!

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Posted on: 15/10/2015

An animation about the ‘Big Questions’ in life – featuring a family man called Guido who has a strong, distinctive, rich Northern accent!

One Big Question may have been just what people would make of it when the official unveiling was carried out!

Well……..thankfully ‘Here Is A Man’, Lifetime’s new animation video about the questions we all face in life, went down a storm!

The video (shown below) was introduced as part of a presentation put on by Lifetime’s Communications Director William Bottomley at the very popular ‘ConnectedBiz‘ event at The Civic in Barnsley.

Made by Marsden-based Fettle Animation, ‘Here is a Man’ features the Bard of Barnsley, Ian McMillan, as the narrator.

Other speakers included Richard Dennys, who has over 20 years’ experience starting, funding, running and selling digital businesses; James Boardwell, who founded Folksy in 2008; Lee Evansthe Managing Director of Vital Network Solutions, one of Yorkshire’s leading business IT service providers; Katie Portman, an award-winning, Barnsley-based blogger, freelance journalist, PR and copywriter; and digital entrepreneur Mark Asquith, the co-founder of Barnsley-based creative agency HACKSAW.

All delivered inspirational talks.

Lifetime’s Twitter feed also proved to be very busy following Bill’s talk and the unveiling of the ‘Here Is A Man’ animation:

Keith Evans ‏@KeyInnovate “Great partnership between two @Cida_Co clients, @LifetimeFM and @Fettleanimation”

Preferred Futures fs ‏@PreferredF  “Takes a long time to find your lifeline …. Love this animation! Fab video from @LifetimeFM @Fettleanimation #ConnectedBiz. Really made an impression on us and left us thinking how we could use animation.”

Kevin Steel @steeliebobs “Not sure “which harbour my life is sailing from” but this animation is lovely!

Dennis Hall ‏@YellowtailFP  “Cracking Video – love the gritty Yorkshire accent in this.”

Nucleus ‏@nucleuswrap  “Cracking video, scripting and animation. Well done @LifetimeFM and @Fettleanimation.”

Don Gent ‏@roystondon  “Great talk by @LifetimeFM ‘s brilliant Bill Bottomley injecting life and humour into financial services. #connectedbiz”

Winston Solicitors ‏@WinstonLLP “Your new animation has the WOW factor! Well done!”

Carol Arthur ‏@CarolArthu  “Premiere of @Fettleanimation video for @LifetimeFM – just fabulous & great way to tell #business message #Connectedbiz”

SocialMediaSolutions ‏@SMSUK_Ltd  “Loving the talk from @LifetimeFM……so much more than finance! #ConnectedBiz So pleased you are no longer scared of #SocialMedia Bill because we think you are rocking it! #ConnectedBiz”

Craig Burgess ‏@craigburgess “Love the animation @Fettleanimation @LifetimeFM #connectedbiz You should be very proud of it!”

EnterprisingBarnsley ‏@BarnsleyBiz  “Much praise for the support of @Fettleanimation from @LifetimeFM at #Connectedbiz. Great to see the business benefits of using animation.”

Kate /PoutingInHeels ‏@KateLPortman  “Loved your presentation too.”

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