Employees are looking to benefit from financial wellbeing

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Employees are looking to benefit from financial wellbeing

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Posted on: 15/02/2023

Employees are looking for help. Inaction is not an option anymore.

It is estimated that companies are losing 9-13% of what is spent on payroll, through poor productivity and absenteeism amongst other things.

Employers are already faced with quite a few strong headwinds, such as inflation, rising costs, the after-effects of Covid-19 and a challenging recruitment landscape. They can ill afford to have their employees struggling to focus on their working day because of personal money worries.

Yet poor financial wellbeing could be having a significant impact on companies and organisations.

Employers want staff who are fully committed and involved in their work. But if those employees have financial worries, concerns and fears that affect their mindset and wellbeing, then their work and productivity can also suffer.

A supportive wellbeing service that gives staff clear insight, guidance and education on their financial circumstances often results in a more engaged, happier and productive workforce.

In the majority of cases employers will always do what’s best for their people. It is becoming more and more obvious that companies are doing what they can to help their staff, as soon as they see a problem.

In a nutshell, financial wellbeing in the workplace is more important now than ever. It is now recognised as the number one employee benefit.


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