Guidance and support is available to help you achieve a better money mindset

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Guidance and support is available to help you achieve a better money mindset

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Posted on: 13/01/2023

It’s January, the month of (late) dark mornings and (early) dark nights! It is also Friday, January 13th, with ‘Blue Monday’ just around the corner!

Christmas and all those good vibes already seem a lifetime ago.

The wet and miserable weather isn’t helping either, especially if you are feeling the chill and want to put the heating on but don’t want to add yet more money to your energy bill!

So, all in all, you might be forgiven for being a bit down in the dumps, while looking forward to some brighter days ahead!

If you already experience a downer when it comes to money – your personal finances – then all these things combined may be currently playing havoc your mental health. Stress and anxiety may be affecting your wellbeing.

No matter our financial situation, we all have our money-related sore spots. We all have those moments when you wonder if your money will be sufficient for your needs, let alone your wants.

If you find yourself floundering in a spiral of negative thinking when it comes to your finances, it is extremely easy to always ‘think the worst’. You might feel that you’ll never be ‘any good with money’, or constantly feel anxious about the prospect of undertaking the work to become aware and more knowledgeable about your financial situation.

If you think like that all the time then help, encouragement and guidance is available, to help you achieve a different outlook. So don’t despair.

Lifetime can help you overturn your negative money mindset.

Financial health and financial wellbeing can be accomplished in a lot of cases.

Your money is important. It plays a key part in how you live your life, now and in the future. Planning for your short and long-term goals is something that can have a huge impact on your wellbeing.

By taking control of your money – and having a clear understanding of your financial position – you may be able to offset all that anxiety and stress, and in doing so make good financial decisions.

Whatever stage of your life you are at, tailored support can address any pressing financial questions, and help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to manage your money, both on a daily basis and for the future.

  • We help people understand what their money can and cannot do for them. By partnering with employers, we bring financial understanding, education and wellbeing to their employees. We have vast experience in delivering this important service to thousands of individuals, couples and families across the UK.
  • Our ‘why’ is clear: It is to help people live the life they want without ever running out of money. It is to make a positive difference, through insight, guidance and advice, to everyone we come across who need assistance with their finances. It is to listen to them, their hopes, fears and aspirations, and put them at the very centre of what we do. Those are our core beliefs. It is why this business exists.
  • Start your journey to financial wellbeing with us today: www.lifetime-fm.com


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