Lifetime team ‘blown away’ by inspirational Webmart chief Simon

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Lifetime team ‘blown away’ by inspirational Webmart chief Simon

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Posted on: 28/02/2017

The Lifetime team were left buzzing by a quite inspirational visitor on Monday afternoon!

Webmart CEO Simon Biltcliffe had been invited to come and talk to the Lifetimers about his own personal and professional journey, and the right culture a company should be looking to live by.

And what a talk it was! The staff were blown away by Simon’s presentation, packed full of passion, drive, witty insights and ideas on business.

Since founding Webmart in 1996, the Barnsley-born businessman (pictured below, photo courtesy of Angus Thomas) spends every day striving to make Webmart the world’s best print services agency – ‘and making the world a better place’.

He says of Webmart: “We’re a collection of print experts and enthusiasts with a passion for delivering world-class print procurement, consulting and innovation, wrapped up in legendary levels of customer service. We’re also determined to make a difference in the world and have fun along the way!

“We’re a business whose core motivation is to do good and help those around us while doing business.

“We’ve developed our own business philosophy called Marxist-Capitalism – where we use capitalism to generate the income and Marxism to distribute the value created back to the Webmarteers and beyond.”

  • Simon is also one of Lifetime’s ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ (BBIS) speakers.


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