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Signs looking good for Lifetime!

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Posted on: 24/10/2013

The signs are looking good for Lifetime!

In fact one particular sign is really making people sit up and take notice!

Lifetime House, at Great Cliffe Court, Dodworth, has our sign emblazoned on the front of the building (see below).


Not only is it eye-catching during the day, but it lights up at at night too, shining like a beacon!

And that Lifetime logo has led to four people ringing in, initially enquiring about our services, and subsequently becoming highly-valued clients!

Lifetime Sales Director Brian Skelton commented: “The four calls were passed through to me and, as we always do, we ask ‘where did you get our name?’

“All four said that they had been driving past on their way to work, either to the M1 or elsewhere, and had seen the sign.

“They will probably have heard of us as a financial management company, but the fact that the sign has also given them the ‘nudge’ to get in touch is fabulous news.

“We are proud of the Lifetime logo and it is highly encouraging to see it stand out in this way.”

There are also plans for the Lifetime sign to be extended, to detail a little bit of our mission statement.

During 2013 we have taken great strides to raise the Lifetime brand. We have regularly appeared in the press, are forging ever stronger links in the community, and our social media campaign is also bearing fruit, with people engaging with us via our Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/LifetimeFM) or on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lifetime-Barnsley/218158154965581).


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