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Posted on: 06/01/2015

Desert Island Discs: Episode One, featuring our Compliance Director Kevin Lawton:

DesertIslandDiscsKevin Lawton

Kevin’s discs:

“I’ve put the music in order that they would fit in my life.

“The hardest category to choose was the eight discs. If only I could have taken my ipod…….!!………that would have fitted the bill because I’ve got thousands of songs on there. If I listened to them all by just letting the ipod go through on shuffle it would take around 50 consecutive days!

“I decided to go through my life and pick the songs that meant the most at the time. Therefore the list is mainly made up of songs from past decades rather than current, up-to-date tracks. So here you go…..

The Jackson Five: I’ll Be There

Jimmy Ruffin: What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

R D Taylor: There’s A Ghost In My House

Frankie Valli: The Night

Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams

Ultravox: Vienna

The Righteous Brothers: Unchained Melody

M People: Search For The Hero

Kevin’s book:

“I’ve gone for ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Dr Steve Peters. Well worth a read.”


Kevin’s luxury item:

“As for the luxury item, I’d take my mountain bike (pictured below). I’d certainly be lost without that! I would be able to get to all the places on the island and I would never tire of tracking back and forth.”

Kevin's precious mountain bike

  • Have a look at our Desert Island Discs, episode two, featuring Marketing Manager Robert Briggs:


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