Fang-tastic stuff as Halloween comes to Lifetime House!

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Fang-tastic stuff as Halloween comes to Lifetime House!

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Posted on: 31/10/2016

Halloween was at its spookiest, pumpkin-making, fang-tastic best at Lifetime House on Monday!

The Lifetimers took the opportunity to don their favourite halloween outfits, slap on the ghoulish make-up, and create some fabulous pumpkins.

Lifetime directors Brian Skelton and William Bottomley were asked to judge the charity competition, Brian choosing the best pumpkins and Bill the best outfits.

In the ‘outfits’ category, Sheila took third place, with Bill saying ‘how much effort had gone into it’!

Runner-up was Sarah, while top spot went to ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ Lesley (see picture below).


There were some tremendous results in the pumpkin category, but Brian eventually went for Joe in third place, our new financial planner Jen in second spot, and the winner being ‘Mr Dracula’ himself (left of picture below), Mat!


Well done to all those who took part!

Would you agree with Brian and Bill’s assessment? Which is your particular favourite……..?

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