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Press coverage for what’s App-enning at Lifetime!

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Posted on: 11/01/2024

Delivering a holistic financial wellbeing service to as many people as possible. That’s our mission. We are passionate about it.

Having the necessary financial education can make such a difference!

So we were delighted (and proud) to discover that The Yorkshire Post were keen to do a detailed report on what we are doing, that was published in their Business section over the Christmas and New Year period.

Under the headline ‘South Yorkshire financial planning firm set to launch series of free financial advice tools’, the article talks in depth about how we are aiming to “start the conversation” on how the financial services industry can be more helpful to those in need of guidance, education, support and advice.

It also highlights the fact that we have put time, money and resources into an app that is focussed on helping millions of UK individuals and families get to grips with money concerns.

Our aim is to make financial education, guidance and planning easier (and affordable) for everyone to access, by placing people’s financial future in their pocket.




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