A quarter of UK population will soon be aged over 65 – but is their later life mapped out?

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A quarter of UK population will soon be aged over 65 – but is their later life mapped out?

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Posted on: 17/04/2024

Soon, 25% of the UK population will be aged over age 65.

Many of those people will live another 20 or 30 years, so it is important that help, guidance and financial advice is easily accessible so they can navigate the complex world of pensions, tax, income and legacy planning with clarity and confidence.

This is where Lifetime can deliver real value.

We look to help people plan their later life (and retirement) with confidence, helping them fully understand the options available, and ensuring that those options are tailored to current circumstances.

Our financial specialists help people weigh up the balance between retiring – perhaps earlier than the current retirement age – and affording the lifestyle that they want to live.

Maintaining your standard of living when you have retired from work is always one of the biggest challenges we face. Planning when to retire and how to pay for it can be a hugely difficult task without thorough financial planning.

And retirement planning is not always about putting money into a pension; your income could come from many different sources. But wouldn’t it be great to know that you are going to be okay, that you will have enough to pay for the life you want after work, rather than just keeping your fingers crossed?

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Having a bespoke financial plan can help you achieve your goals and ambitions – and boost your wellbeing. Such a plan can help you in the here and now – and also map out your future. It will allow you:

  • to sleep at night without worry
  • to not fret about the worst-case scenarios
  • to make the most of your money from day to day
  • to feel confident about your future plans

If you would like peace of mind and understanding, then what we can assure you is that you would be making an informed decision based on a detailed plan.

  • Remember, Lifetime are here. For companies who are looking to enhance their employee wellbeing offering. For people who are seeking a secure financial future. For everyone.
  • Get in touch: www.lifetime-fm.com



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