It is your money, your life, your story……talk about it

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It is your money, your life, your story……talk about it

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Posted on: 10/11/2020

This week is…..#TalkMoneyWeek!

It is a week that has been designed to increase awareness about the benefits of talking about money. It aims to try and increase people’s sense of financial wellbeing by encouraging them to open up about their personal finances – from pocket money through to pensions.

It is so, so important to have that conversation about your finances. Of course, as a financial planning company you might shake your finger at us and comment ‘well you would say that!’

Our response would be that ‘it is your money, your life, your story’. That’s what matters, so please talk about it. Why not? You are the best person to do it!

You may be embarrassed, scared even. You might not even know where to start. You might not even know who to trust to talk this important stuff over with. There is nothing wrong in feeling any of those things. 

Yet please try and talk to someone. Do some research. Find someone who you feel will pay attention, will listen, and then help you.

Your money is an important subject. It can play a key part in how you live your life, now and in the future. By truly understanding your financial situation you may be able to offset anxiety and stress, and make good financial decisions, rather than merely guessing.

By having those regular ‘money conversations’ with Lifetime, clients Brian and Denise (see their video below) were thrilled to find out that ‘they were going to be okay’. Their financial and emotional wellbeing was boosted. They were able to realise the future dreams they both had.

“It gave us the reassurance that we could have an early retirement, that we were definitely going to be okay.” 


Even for younger people, the willingness to talk about their personal situation and personal finances can have a beneficial impact.

This was the result of a 22-year-old taking the plunge and being brave enough to talk about (her) money:

“Having just left university at age 22 and starting a post-graduate position I wanted a better understanding of my financial future, and to ensure that I started saving now, into a personal pension, so that I could have options later in life. My Lifetime customer coach, Anji, was extremely personable and made sure I understood all the details of the financial planning video I received. She helped me every bit of the way before passing me over to my financial planner Miles, who I also found to be engaging, personable and extremely capable. Lifetime offer an easy to grasp, accessible service that helps people of my age realise what their finances can and can’t do for them.”

Here at Lifetime we have dedicated professionals, from our digital customer coaches through to our qualified financial planners, who are only too willing to talk to you, and help you make better informed money decisions.

Whatever stage of life you are at, from starting to save, buying your first property, through to considering your retirement options, we are here to offer a guiding hand.

We listen to understand – and make the complicated simple. Integrity, openness and honesty are part of our DNA.

So, not just this week, but every day of every week….talk to each other. About anything, including money! It can help.


  • written by Lifetime brand custodian Andrew Lodge.


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