Lifetime director Bill explains his ‘why’ on business podcast

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Lifetime director Bill explains his ‘why’ on business podcast

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Posted on: 01/12/2014

Lifetime director William Bottomley is this week’s special guest on a podcast series created by fellow Barnsley businessman Mark Asquith.

Mark, a director at creative digital agency DMSQD, has come up with ‘Excellence Expected – The Actionable Podcast For Business Owners’, and Lifetime’s Communications Director Bill (pictured below) kindly agreed to contribute.

William Bottomley

Says Mark: “Inspired by the marvellous work of leadership expert Simon Sinek, Bill takes us on a journey from a career path with little fulfilment, to directorship of a thriving business that he passionately believes in.

“This latest podcast episode, number 16 in the series so far, is an episode for all of us; an episode that helps us to reassess where we are and why we do exactly what we do.

“Throughout the episode Bill discusses the vital importance of:

  • Self belief
  • Belief in your “mission”
  • The positive impact that can have to your internal company culture
  • The positive effects it has on your customers and your bottom line
  • How this approach builds longevity into your business
  • The happiness that can be drawn personally from this kind of approach

“Bill is a firm believer in doing the ‘right thing’, with Lifetime’s philanthropical efforts playing a huge role in that business’ overall success.

“This all stems from Bill’s solid belief in ‘why’ he turns up to work every day and ‘why’ he conducts himself the way he does.”

Mark added: “All in all, it’s an inspirational episode closed by the usual high quality actionable takeaways that will allow you to begin your own journey of discovery to reveal your true ‘why’. Don’t forget, the more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel.”

Have a listen to Bill’s podcast: http://www.excellence-expected.com/episode16




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