The things that rile – and wind you up!

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The things that rile – and wind you up!

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Posted on: 22/10/2013

The things that rile…….

They can be ‘big things’, something serious that could potentially have repercussions. Yet others can seem relatively small in life’s grand scheme.

But there always seems to be something that, any any given moment, can really wind us up!

It could be:

Being stuck on the motorway, rain lashing down, as the queue rolls back miles and miles (there were many poor drivers who had to endure that this morning!)

Queue jumpers. They can see that you are queueing patiently, but for some reason they feel they have the right to push in! (Lifetimers Karen and Andrew were on the receiving end of one such ‘queue jumper at a parents’ evening just last week)

People parking in your drive or ‘spot’ without permission (Lifetime’s Communications Director Bill was on the receiving end of this on Monday!)

People who feel it is perfectly acceptable to stand in the middle of an entrance – stopping for a ‘bit of a chat. They end up blocking the entire doorway, meaning people have to squeeze past to enter or exit.

When your out and about and it starts raining and you haven’t got a brolly!

Waiting in because something is due to be delivered – yet it doesn’t arrive!

People who don’t eat their food properly – even when they’ve been told how to do it! Oh…and people talking while having food in their mouths!

Inconsiderate dog owners

litter louts

dangerous drivers

the cult of celebrity

The list goes on……

There is, of course, even a Mr Grumpy out there among us who will say: “Everything irritates me!”

And yet there are laid-back characters among us who simply refuse to ‘get worked up’. They are adamant that ‘modern-day society’ gets irked at the ‘silliest things’. They insist that because we are all in such a ‘want it all now so we should have it all now’ mindset – because life is so convenient – we get bothered by things that wouldn’t have been an issue in years gone by.

Those unruffled people often say, when a potentially irritating situation occurs, ‘does it really matter in the grand scheme of my entire life and does being wound up about it achieve anything?’

Which bracket to you fall into? Do you get wind up by certain things? And if so, what are they…..


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