The need to understand our financial picture

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The need to understand our financial picture

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Posted on: 17/09/2019

How times have changed!

The responsibility of managing your finances, and that of your family, has never been more onerous than at this present time!

In years gone by the majority of companies offered pension schemes that were fully managed by Trustees. If you were a member of one of those schemes then you had virtually no decisions to make.

These days many people are members of different types of schemes that require decisions to be made and choices to be understood. It is Lifetime’s opinion that few members are qualified to make the correct
decisions and need help and guidance.

The pension world has become a very complex place and we are here to help you make the right decisions, by getting you to fully understand your financial position.

Recent pension and tax legislation has given the public much more flexibility and choice. But that brings with it so much responsibility! At the time you are about to make key decisions do you fully understand all that legislation, the various options and the in-depth tax detail required to make the right choice for you and your circumstances?


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