Plenty of BBIS inspiration on offer at Holy Trinity in November!

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Plenty of BBIS inspiration on offer at Holy Trinity in November!

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Posted on: 21/10/2014

There will be plenty of inspiration on offer at Holy Trinity School in November – with a number of speakers from Lifetime’s ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ project booked in to ‘tell their story’.

Kicking things off will be Simon Biltcliffe (pictured below, courtesy of Angus Thomas), who will talk to Holy Trinity’s Year 11s on Monday, November 3 (from 9am).


Simon, who was brought up in Staincross, is the founder and managing director of ‘world class’ print company Webmart, who have three offices – very distinct ‘yellow sheds’ in Barugh Green, Barnsley; Bicester; and East Kilbride in Scotland.

He says: “At work, every day, I strive to make Webmart the world’s best print services agency.

“I am an odd, restless, impatient, malcontent soul in work – there are always better ways to do things! Knowing what they are is the easy bit; getting them done is less easy, but we improve every day, which makes us happy. That and people development. These are the be all and end all of any business.

“And when I’m not at work, I just love being outside! I can think outside much better than inside, hence my hobbies are all outside: climbing, motorcycling, travelling, watching the mighty Barnsley play their world-class, if unique, version of football (now, how to change the rules for everyone else to play our way?), as well as being dad to two daughters as tall as me these days.”

Following Simon through Holy Trinity’s doors the following day will be Stuart Turner (pictured below), the owner of sushisushi.

He has kindly agreed to talk to Year 11 students on Tuesday, November 4, and also on Thursday, November 6.

Stuart Turner

Following a degree in web design, Stuart travelled to Australia looking for inspiration to set up a business.

To pay his way around, Stuart spent six months working in one of the many sushi bars and developed a strong passion for Japanese food.

In 2007 he returned to the UK with a mission, to promote sushi as a healthy food alternative and build a solid online business, retailing Japanese ingredients.

Sushisushi began on a laptop in Stuart’s kitchen. It was a small informative blog, with just a few ingredients for sale. Some years later and the business now runs from a large warehouse in South Yorkshire and has a team of full-time customer service, warehouse and web employers.

And making it a ‘hat-trick’ for Holy Trinity later in November is Barnsley Football Club chief executive Ben Mansford (pictured below).

Ben Mansford

Horizon Community College, where the BBIS was initially trialled with great success before being rolled out to other secondary schools in the borough, has also booked in speakers.

Horizon has set aside time on a Friday afternoon where BBIS speakers can tell their story to Year 11 students.

As well as going into Holy Trinity, Barnsley FC’s Ben Mansford has again kindly agreed to do a talk at Horizon, while others booked in to the college on Dodworth Road are authors Jonathan Lee and Milly Johnson, Andy Nicholson (MD of Doyle Security) and musicians Josh and Jake Ingamells (Big Sky Records).



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