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Lifetime’s BBIS project blazing the trail – and free!

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Posted on: 11/12/2014

It appears that Lifetime and our brilliant ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ speakers have been blazing the trail…….

For while our BBIS project has been running for just over a year – and our speakers currently give their time free of charge at two Barnsley schools, Horizon College and Holy Trinity – yesterday in the House of Commons it was announced by education secretary Nicky Morgan that a new company has been established that will act as a broker between schools, colleges and business to develop relationships and improve careers guidance for pupils across the country.

And Ms Morgan stated that the costs for the new company and its operations would be met from the £20 million announced by chancellor George Osborne in last week’s Autumn Statement.

From that, a £5 million investment fund would be created, she said, to support innovation and stimulate good practice around the country.

£20 million?! £5 million?!

Our BBIS speakers give up their time and go into Barnsley schools free, to deliver their terrific story – and the results and feedback from  students, teachers and speakers have been truly heartwarming.

The scheme was set up with the aim of giving something back to the community, helping students in the Barnsley borough.

And what about BBC reporter Robert Peston’s charity ‘Speakers for Schools? That has been in existence for some time, and is tremendously well received by schools up and down the UK.

In yesterday’s Commons address, Ms Morgan also added: “Employers will be drafted into classrooms to speak directly to pupils to better inform them about the career choices.

“That’s why the new careers and enterprise company will encourage greater collaboration between employers and schools, helping schools and colleges access a wealth of experience to inspire young people about the possibilities of the world of work.

“This will benefit young people across the country and ensure they leave school fully prepared for life in modern Britain.”

It looks as if all those involved in our free BBIS venture are pioneers then……



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