Episode 16 of Lifetime’s Desert Island Discs – featuring Pensions Analyst Lee Bridgewater

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Episode 16 of Lifetime’s Desert Island Discs – featuring Pensions Analyst Lee Bridgewater

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Posted on: 15/12/2015

Desert Island Discs: Episode 16, featuring Pensions Analyst Lee Bridgewater:

DesertIslandDiscsLee Bridgewater 2

Towards the latter end of the 1980’s to mid-1990’s the continuing indie scene and emerging northern music scene had a big impact on me.

Therefore, needless to say, most of the songs I have chosen emanate from that period. Here are the desert island discs from my disaffected youth and some more recent stuff!

Disc One: Suedehead – Morrissey

Morrissey’s debut single after the break-up of The Smiths – on his album Viva Hate. It’s the song which got me into listening to the full Smiths and Morrissey repertoire.


Disc Two: Performance – Happy Mondays

Taken from the album Bummed, one of my all-time fave albums. Mark Day with awesome guitar work.


Disc Three: Then – The Charlatans

Taken from The Only One I Know. Shoegazing back in the early/mid 1990s with my then girlfriend now wife Claire!


Disc Four: Bullet The Blue Sky – U2

Taken from The Joshua Tree album. Twenty-five years ago I bought the live album Under a Blood Red Sky. It was the first U2 album I ever bought. I subsequently got more into U2 , purchasing other albums, one of those being The Joshua Tree.


Disc Five: Baby I Love You – The Ramones

Baby I Love You, The Ramones version! This was our choice for our first dance when we got married. Think of Claire every time I hear it.


Disc Six: My Favourite Dress – The Wedding Present

Dave Gedge = Legend! The lead singer of The Wedding Present is a lyrical genius! And the George Best album is probably my all time favourite album. From start to finish every track resonates with gritty anecdotes of the trials and tribulations of love and life.


Disc Seven: Take You On Cruise – Interpol

Taken from my favourite Interpol album, Antics. A quality track.


Disc Eight: The Ocean – Richard Hawley

The man from the Steel City of Sheffield! This song is taken from my favourite Hawley album, Coles Corner.


Choice of book: Running High – Hugh Symonds

Running High

I’m not an avid reader, but I read Running High some years ago. Fell and hill running is a real pleasure of mine, so needless to say this was an inspirational read for me.


Luxury Item

Lee's guitar

I bought a guitar about eight years ago and to this day I can only play half a dozen chords in some sort of legible sequence! I guess if I’m stranded on a desert island I’d probably have plenty of time to practice!


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