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We are connected!

Lifetime news

Posted on: 25/09/2013

One of the first important steps of the new office transformation has happened.

The two Lifetime buildings at Great Cliffe Court, Dodworth are now connected by a secure, invisible, radio link, meaning that despite being completely separate, the two offices can now function as one.

Lifetime Communications Manager Victoria Oliver said: “Using this technology is equivalent to adding another floor to our current office. We will all work from the same computer systems and phone lines. This means there will be no need for any of our clients to call the office only to find out they need to ring another number in the new office to talk to an individual or find out specific information. It will be seamless.”

This technology has been incorporated so clients’ ability to contact Lifetime is as easy and responsive as possible.

Here is a picture of the progress, can you spot the engineer?!



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