‘Lifetime Adviser Day’ emphasises drive towards digital future

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‘Lifetime Adviser Day’ emphasises drive towards digital future

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Posted on: 23/10/2018

The Lifetime Adviser Day, held at the picturesque Wortley Hall on Tuesday, proved to be an informative event as the drive towards a digital future continues apace.

Director William Bottomley had organised the meeting, and as well as his presentation there were also talks from fellow director Rupert Smith and colleagues Tom Nelson and James Fisher.

Emphasis was placed on how digital transformation is set to revolutionize the UK financial services industry – and how Lifetime could embrace new technology and continue to grow as a company.

The financial planners were given an opportunity to have their say in a lively question-and-answer session.

Here a selection of pictures (courtesy of Annabelle Dickinson) of a thought-provoking day.




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