Embrace social media to ‘stay successful in the digital age’

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Embrace social media to ‘stay successful in the digital age’

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Posted on: 04/02/2014

Insurance company Unum have said that all insurers and brokers should embrace social media in order to ‘stay successful in the digital age’.

The insurer stated it has seen its own social media presence ‘go from strength to strength’ since the start of its campaign in 2011 to help the UK’s workforce to get a back-up plan.

This has been key to starting conversations about financial protection and building relationships with employers and brokers, a Unum spokesperson said.

An interesting, invigorating presence on social media – be it Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other forms – is something that Lifetime fully supports.

Tim Jackson, head of marketing strategy at Unum, said: “What social networks offer businesses, including ours, are spaces where companies can enter conversations with potential clients, and get the persuasive case across that builds the underlying demand in the first place.”

“We have been very successful in reaching the right audience with our content. We’ve received great feedback from people reading our material, and we’ve used that to crowd source the best content for subsequent engagement.”

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