The power of stability

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The power of stability

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Posted on: 08/07/2021

Should employers be focused on helping their employees when it comes to stability?

It’s a worthwhile question don’t you think?

Stability is crucial when it concerns the workplace. It goes a long way to helping people do their best work. It brings peace of mind, it can boost confidence, it can propel productivity.

Now some companies may well argue that stability leads to predictability – and when things become predictable that’s when ‘the foot is taken off the gas’, and ‘Easy Street’ is the most common route taken – leading to a dip in business profitability and success.

Yet there can be little doubt that during times of change or uncertainty – in other words, unpredictability – an employee’s ability to remain focused, engaged and happy can be disrupted.

A person’s mental health can be affected too, which could lead to poor attendance.

Good leadership – and the determination and clear sightedness to put an employee’s wellbeing at the forefront of company policy – is more important than ever. Yet can you create a stable environment where staff are fully engaged in a world that has suffered the upheaval, disruption and change caused in no small part by a devastating pandemic?

Yes you can.

Creating stability may be a challenge, but it is a challenge worth taking on, and winning! Both for employer and employee. The impact of such a victory is huge!

Research by Gallup revealed that employees have four basic needs when it comes to feeling secure and engaged at work.

They are:

  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Compassion
  • Hope

Businesses who can meet those needs will not only keep their employees engaged, happy and productive – but also give themselves the best chance of success.

There are clear benefits to workplace stability:

  • Better productivity performance
  • Reliable attendance levels and a clear recognition of a great working environment
  • Retention of your very best employees
  • Career development and progression
  • ROI in employees
  • Profitability and growth
  • Customer satisfaction

How you get stability for your business and your staff:

  • Good, honest communication
  • Share the action plan
  • Lead from the front, with optimism and openness
  • Emphasise your company values
  • Make sure all your employees feel valued – and have a sense of purpose
  • Provide the right resources to succeed

Included in those resources should be the opportunity for staff to receive a financial wellbeing programme which enables them to understand their finances – be confident knowing what their money can and can’t do for them – and have a plan in place so that they can make good financial decisions, today, tomorrow and in the future.

Financial wellbeing goes hand in hand with stability.


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