Everyone’s financial situation is different – that’s why you need a service like this!

Lifetime help people understand what their money can and cannot do for them.

We have vast experience in delivering innovative financial planning – life planning – to thousands of individuals, couples and families across the UK.

We also partner with employers to bring financial understanding, clarity and wellbeing to their employees.

This is done via our digital financial service, which features our friendly animated guide flo (pictured). This offers people a clear pathway to taking control of their money – and making better informed choices.

Lifetime’s ‘why’ is clear: It is to help people live the life they want without ever running out of money. It is to make a positive difference, through insight, guidance and advice, to everyone we come across who need assistance with their finances. It is to listen to them, their hopes, fears and aspirations, and put them at the very centre of what we do. Those are our core beliefs. It is why this business exists.

People mostly seek financial help, guidance or advice because of a specific issue, a need that requires addressing as soon as possible – but right at the heart of that need is one overriding thing: Peace of mind.

It is an important goal. With our help you could get there.

When we talk to employers, they are genuinely concerned for their employees’ financial wellbeing – the effect it can have on their quality of lives and the knock-on effect that it can have on their business. We genuinely believe we have the answer to this problem by providing bespoke plans that will help employees make good financial choices and help them see what their financial futures look like.

It will help employees deal with any number of issues, or get answers to some important questions, such as:

  • Waking up in the night not knowing if you’ve done enough to be able to retire
  • I’ve a young family and if I die I don’t know if they will be ok
  • My best friend’s been involved in a car accident and can’t work. If that was me I don’t know how I would pay the bills
  • How much do I need to start saving for my grandchildren?
  • I’ve lots of pension pots but I don’t know what any of them really mean

Everyone’s situation is different and we produce a unique financial plan, based on information given online and to a Lifetime customer coach, that is shown and explained in video format.

Our secure online portal provides us with the platform to deliver this bespoke video, with the key human touch from our committed coaches. They collect and analyse all the pieces of a person’s financial jigsaw, to build a comprehensive picture of their financial circumstances. The personalised video helps employees, individuals, couples etc to understand where they are now, how they can move forward and how they can achieve what they want from later in life.

Start your journey with us today.


  • Please get in touch with us if you are interested in chatting about this further. We think this service is brilliant…. we hope you do too!