Lifetimer Steve ‘ambles’ 22 miles for charity cash

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Lifetimer Steve ‘ambles’ 22 miles for charity cash

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Posted on: 04/06/2019

Lifetime pension specialist Steve Lambarth once again successfully completed the 22-mile long ‘Acorn Amble’, from Castleton to Burncross, in the aid of charity.

Lifetimer Steve, pictured below (right, in baseball cap), took part in Saturday’s event along with over 100 others.

The organisers are hoping to raise a record amount this year for the two chosen charities – Lymphona Action and Isabelle’s.

Said Steve: “My own legs have finally stopped aching a little and I did manage to escape without any blisters, which was a bonus!

“In fact, I got back to the pub looking fresher than expected, I must have been clearly thinking of that first pint! Better than my son Liam anyway, his feet were killing him, and his face in the picture probably reflects that!

“Once again I’d like to say a massive thanks to all those who sponsored me.”




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