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Can’t see the wood for the trees? Let’s help…..

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Posted on: 23/10/2021

What’s that old saying…….’you can’t see the wood for the trees’.

What does it really mean?

Well, the main definition is that if someone can’t see the wood for the trees, ‘they are so involved in the details of something that they do not notice what is important about the thing as a whole’.

That could relate to someone struggling with money matters.

There are occasions when people find their finances difficult to deal with. A lot of that is down to the fact that they do not understand or fully pay attention to their financial situation.

That’s what Lifetime are here for! To help you make the correct decisions! To help you see the wood for the trees – and to make sure the sunlight comes flooding through too!

The Lifetime ‘purpose’ is to:
·      Listen
·      Educate
·      Inspire
·      Enable
·      Help
·      Guide

We are passionate about helping as many people as possible get to grips with their finances, fully understand what their money can and can’t do for them, and put together a flexible plan that will give them peace of mind and a sense of security in the short and long term.

That is what our financial wellbeing service (https://partners.lifetime-fm.com/) is all about.

The CIPD found that 49% of employers do not currently have a financial wellbeing policy in place.

We want to change that statistic. Send it skyward!

We partner with employers to deliver a financial wellbeing programme which enables a workforce to make good financial decisions.

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