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Is it time to speak to an adviser?

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Posted on: 17/03/2022

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of good news flying about these days.

And if there is, it is being swamped by all the bad!

It is so tough at the moment.

  • Soaring energy bills
  • The rising cost of food
  • Fuel prices skyrocketing
  • Inflation going up and up
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine destabilising the world
  • Covid-19 still rearing its ugly head

All these things have intensified financial concerns. It appears to be getting harder and harder for people to make their money stretch far enough to meet their ‘needs’, let alone their ‘wants’.

Stress, anxiety and depression are prevalent for all kinds of other reasons too, including potential job losses and other financial concerns.

It is a time of worry and consternation.

But perhaps that’s what makes it the right time to speak to someone who could help you get to grips with your financial affairs.

By fully understanding your financial situation, you may discover ways of making your money work better for you. And any decisions you may have to make will at least be taken from a much better informed position.

This is where a conversation with a professional is crucial. It could lead to help, guidance and advice that may play a key part in alleviating a lot of your worries.

Research by Royal London backs up our belief. Their survey confirmed that interaction with a professional financial adviser, and the receiving of quality advice, can deliver more than just the financial benefits, but can also help people feel better about their personal money matters, and also about themselves.

We know and appreciate it’s not easy.

These are turbulent times, we acknowledge that. If you are feeling concerned about your finances talk to us. Together we will get through it.

Thank you for reading.

And if you want to start your financial journey with us, here is the link: https://factfind.lifetime-fm.com/


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