Adviser Robert named Lifetime’s Financial Santa!

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Adviser Robert named Lifetime’s Financial Santa!

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Posted on: 22/12/2016

Adviser Robert Bligh has been crowned Lifetime’s Financial Santa!

Affable Robert (pictured below), who is normally based in our Driffield office, had popped over to our Barnsley headquarters and was soon getting involved in the pre-Christmas banter with his colleagues.

But then……..he proceeded to drop the bombshell, the news that perhaps his children didn’t really want to hear, what with the ‘Big Day’ fast approaching!

Said Robert: “The greatest gift you can give a child at Christmas is a pension.”

Wow! Now we know our Robert is a deep thinker, a forward thinker, in fact a ‘think tank’ all wrapped up in one financial planning body, but……but……..

We’d like to see the faces of his kids on Sunday morning………!

And once he’d let that one sentence slip from his lips, Pandora’s Box was truly opened! His Lifetime colleagues, with a cry of ‘Bah Humbug,  immediately dubbed him Lifetime’s very own Financial Santa!

And in no time at all ‘Financial Santa’ had a back story, a Christmas story to tell, with all the key parts ‘kindly’ provided by his work mates…….

‘As well as a pension, and books, perhaps Lifetime Financial Santa Robert B will have put this under the tree for his kids – and him – to play on Christmas Day……’

‘Oh, and Lifetimer Robert has also bought his kids some lovely books to read during the festive season too……’

Cartoons soon began to be circulated, adding fuel to the fire……

#savemore became a viral hashtag, courtesy of Financial Santa Claus Robert Bligh…..

Then, the Lifetimers began to think of what Christmas morning would look like in the Financial Santa household…….

Picture the scene:

“And for you son, 20% tax relief on your pension contribution!…..”

“Thanks dad it’s just what I always wanted………!!”


“And for you kids, I’ve bought you your actual retirement……because when you are older you can buy any toys you want!”


“No Lamborghini for you my dear……..it’s all about your pension…….”

#LifetimeFinancialSanta Robert offers the spirit of Christmas to his kids……..

He’s a thorough chap, is our Financial Santa Robert. Preparation is everything. Here he is checking  the fact find he’s done for his children…….

Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s……

Happy Christmas!




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