Matt’s all Wright! Meet our latest BBIS speaker…..

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Matt’s all Wright! Meet our latest BBIS speaker…..

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Posted on: 06/10/2014

The latest speaker to join Lifetime’s ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ project certainly has a story to tell!

And it helps that he’s an all Wright guy to boot!

Matt Wright, the current chief executive of Barnsley Hospice (pictured below), was delighted to offer his support to the BBIS scheme.

Matt Wright

“I have watched the sunset over Ayers Rock, flown on Concorde, met one of Britain’s most prolific serial killers, worked in a gold mine, built four houses and been bitten by a dolphin. That’s to name just a few things that have defined my life!

“Around these ‘adventures’, I have raised a family, gone back to university to gain a masters and built a career that more recently found me leading a very special local charity that helps hundreds of local people every year at a time in their lives when help is more valuable than money itself.

“How did this all happen to me……..?

“Well, Barnsley students, let me tell you a story…..”

  • Matt has worked most of his adult life in the healthcare arena, rising to senior level in Marketing and Market Development functions, managing clinical and non-clinical teams. He holds an MSC in Marketing.


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