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Finding solutions for poor financial wellbeing

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Posted on: 26/07/2023

It is frightening when you see the damage that can result from poor financial wellbeing.

We’ve seen it.

That’s why we are passionate about delivering a solution.

Wellbeing in the workplace is a hot topic. Employees are seeking help, and inaction is simply not an option anymore.

A holistic financial wellbeing programme, established deep into company culture, is in our view the very best benefit employers can offer their people.

But like anything of this nature, there can be many interpretations of financial wellbeing. It is NOT the same for everyone, it is UNIQUE to each and every individual.

  • Financial wellbeing can refer to a sense of security, a feeling of having enough money to meet your needs
  • It includes being able to sleep at night without worrying over money
  • Not fretting about the worst-case scenarios
  • It can mean being prepared for anything and everything that life throws at you
  • It can lead to you feeling confident about your future plans
  • It can mean being in control of your day-to-day finances and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life
  • It can allow you to have clear sight of where you are going and if have the necessary finances to get there
  • It is knowing that you are making informed choices and decisions

That’s why a financial wellbeing offering to staff has to be bespoke to their individual needs, with guidance and support on hand every step of the way.

And remember Mr Employer, such a service not only brings big benefits for your people but you too! It will help your organisation perform better, be more creative, reduce staff turnover, sickness and absences. It also builds trust and a sense from the employee that you, their boss, cares about them.

A benefit not only worth having, but absolutely vital. Don’t you agree?



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