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Financial wellbeing in the workplace is on most employers’ agendas right now…

Our Employee Financial Wellbeing Package will be able to support you and your team.

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Your demo is completely free and comes with no obligation to purchase the package if you don’t think it is the right fit for you. We’re flexibly priced and create everything bespoke to your business

We’re free to answer any questions you may have and it only takes 30 minutes to complete your demo.

What the package contains:

  • Free personal financial video plans for all your employees
  • Access to a learning hub with plenty of educational videos on there, and more added monthly
  • 4 webinars per year
  • Options to book a chat with a Lifetime coach at any time


Who are Lifetime?

Lifetime are a financial management company, that works with businesses to include financial wellbeing as part of their employee benefits. We have advisers in multiple areas of financial planning, and we create personal financial planning videos for staff.

Why does financial wellbeing matter?

Financial wellbeing is so important due to the stress it can cause on every day life. No one wants to be stressed and no one wants their employees and colleagues to be stressed either. By managing financial wellbeing in the workplace, you’re giving your employees a place to learn, grow and most importantly understand their financial health.

What does a demo entail?

A demo is a 30 minute video conference call with a business development manager. They’ll go through all the areas our financial wellbeing package covers, what you get as an employer and the different levels of package. We pride ourselves on being flexible and approachable so please do ask any questions you may have!

How does this help my employees?

A financial wellbeing package supports your employees by providing them with tools and information that they can use to better their own financial situation. It gives your employees educational content that answers the questions people need to know.

For more information on our employee wellbeing benefit, download our E-Guide