Protecting your most valuable assets cannot be wrong

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Protecting your most valuable assets cannot be wrong

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Posted on: 03/03/2022

A survey has shown that almost three-quarters of employees would would work harder for an employer that provided benefits that dealt with and supported their individual needs.

The survey, carried out by MetLike UK, also found that two-thirds of employers are now reviewing the reward packages they offer their workforce.

Employers and HR departments up and down the UK are being urged to have policies and programmes in place to better deal with the needs of individual staff.

The survey, which covered 1,200 employees and employers, also revealed that two-thirds of employers would be willing to sacrifice some of their pay for more personalised benefits.

And 39% of staff stated that if they were intending to leave their job within the next year then seeing their employer show more care and consideration for their mental wellbeing would encourage them to change their mind and stay.

It’s no longer acceptable for an employer to just leave their staff to sink or swim. It is in everyone’s interests to put an arm around every employee right from the start. Protecting your most valuable assets cannot be wrong.

And it is important to remember that every employee is an individual, and has different needs. A one-size-benefits-solution just doesn’t fit all.


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