Wonderful letter from Wakefield hospice adds to Lifetime’s feel-good factor!

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Wonderful letter from Wakefield hospice adds to Lifetime’s feel-good factor!

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Posted on: 14/11/2013

We are feeling pretty good here at Lifetime, as we head towards the end of 2013.

We have expanded into two buildings – and our reputation as an innovative, friendly, experienced, professional, ethical and successful financial management company continues to grow.

There is no resting on any laurels, of course. Plenty of hard work continues to lie ahead as we strive to maintain our ‘onwards and upwards’ trajectory!

But the arrival of a wonderful letter from Wakefield hospice today merely added to our feel-good factor!

The Lifetime hospice referral scheme (https://www.lifetime-fm.com/hospice.aspx) is going from strength to strength – and a number of hospices have already received Lifetime donations.

Wakefield hospice, based at Aberford Road in West Yorkshire, is one of them.

And they were keen to show their appreciation.

Helen Knowles, the Director of Fundraising and Retail Operations at Wakefield hospice, wrote: “Dear Lifetime, thank you very much for your kind donation. We do feel privileged to have your support, especially when there are so many worthy causes vying for your attention.

“As you are aware, Wakefield hospice is a locally based charity that provides care and support to patients and their relatives at a very difficult time. We are always very grateful for any contributions we receive as our annual running costs are now in excess of £3m per annum.

“Thank you is a vital phrase in the life of the hospice. We hear it daily from patients; their relatives and friends; we also say it loudly to the individuals who rememer our work by a donation; to the companies why by sponsorship are investing in excellent care; and of course to the many volunteers.

“We owe the continued existence of Wakefield hospice to all those who give of their money, time, talents and commitment.

“Your support of this very worthwhile local charity is very much appreciated.”

Receiving a letter like that makes you realise you are doing something right!


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