What is meant by the term ‘Financial Planning’?

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What is meant by the term ‘Financial Planning’?

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Posted on: 10/02/2020

Financial planning is an ongoing process that helps you make sensible decisions about money, so that you achieve your goals in life.

It is about getting organised. It is far better to be in control of your finances rather than letting those finances control you.

Many people find their finances confusing, aren’t sure where they are headed, or would like a little more guidance on how to manage their money. They wonder when they can retire, how their family would cope if they were unable to work, or whether they can afford to make their aims for the future come to life.

Only by having a purpose-built, fluid plan in place will you be able to know and understand your current financial position, have the necessary signposts in place to chart your way, and take the necessary steps to attain your goal.

In other words, a sound financial plan is a road map to your objectives.


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