Episode 11 of Lifetime’s Desert Island Discs – featuring Accounts Manager Nicola Dickinson

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Episode 11 of Lifetime’s Desert Island Discs – featuring Accounts Manager Nicola Dickinson

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Posted on: 16/07/2015

Desert Island Discs: Episode 11, featuring Lifetime Accounts Manager Nicola Dickinson:

DesertIslandDiscsNicola Dickinson

When Andrew asked me to compile my Desert Island choices, I panicked!

That’s not because I have hundreds to choose from, but because I’m not a massive popular music fan!

As some of you might know I have danced since being three years old, directed shows and done many performances on the stage. Therefore the music I have been brought up listening to has been from different shows and theatres productions.  Les Miserables, Billy Elliott, Cabaret and my favourite of all time, Sweet Charity.

I decided though that if I was marooned on a Desert Island, I would perhaps want to remember different times in my life.

So here goes!

Disc One: Down In The Tube Station At Midnight – The Jam

Being a teenager in the 1980’s was fantastic! I was a Mod in my parker and dockers.  I remember writing down all of The Jam’s ‘Down in the Tube Station at Midnight’ lyrics one Physics lesson and having to stay behind after school for detention for not concentrating on how a magnet works! Still don’t know today………..


Disc Two: Happy Hour – The Housemartins

The whole of Stocksbridge High school used to go to a disco at the Victory Club every first Friday in the month. ‘Our House’ by Madness and ‘Come on Eileen’ by Dexys Midnight Runners have to be up there, but the one that brings back great memories has to be ‘Happy Hour’ by The Housemartins.  I remember the gang of lads we went about with at the time re-enacted the whole video from when they turned round at the bar!


Disc Three: Perfect – Fairground Attraction

Me and my friends used to go to The Leadmill in Sheffield every weekend. This song brings back many happy memories especially as someone once asked me if I was Eddi Reader!


Disc Four: Fame – Irene Cara

Starsky and Hutch was the series I loved in the 1970’s and Fame in the 80’s. How much did I love Paul Michael Glaser?!  Since then I have appeared in the musical Fame and loved every minute of it; it has to be my karaoke song of all time.


Disc Five: Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill

Most women are sentimental and I definitely am. Me and Ian got married in August 1993 and this song appears on our wedding video.  I always fill up when I hear it, but that’s me!


Disc Six: I Am What I Am – Shirley Bassey

I Am What I Am. This is me……..


Disc Seven: Somewhere Over The Rainbow 


My daughter singing would have to be one of my choices, so I’ve gone for Scarlett singing the classic ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. 🙂


Disc Eight: If They Could See Me Now – Shirley MacLaine

So here I am on my Desert Island. Laid on my hammock, looking out to sea with a cocktail in my hand. Therefore, there couldn’t be any other song I would want to finish off with.  It comes from my favourite show of all time.  How I would love to be Charity Hope Valentine, raising a toast to all my family and friends back at home!


Choice of Book: Can You Keep A Secret? – Sophie Kinsella


I have read this book at least five times, I think there’s a bit of me in her! It makes me laugh out loud, I love it!


Luxury item:

241961-Piz Buin Insun Lotion 200ml F30

Being a redhead it would have to be my sun lotion…….as well as the hammock, cocktail shaker and enough wine to see me through my stay, ha ha!


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