Truth has the power to shock – but can lead to enlightenment and happiness!

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Truth has the power to shock – but can lead to enlightenment and happiness!

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Posted on: 08/04/2021


The quote above, credited to celebrated late-nineteenth-century French author Jules Renard, is an apt one when it comes to telling this tale.

For truth indeed had the power to shock for two of Lifetime’s clients.

Fortunately for them, that shock led to immediate change – and with that change came clarity, enlightenment and happiness.

Financial planner Tracey Warring (pictured below) first met the clients at the heart of our story two years ago. In their late 50s, sadly the pair – husband and wife – were in a terrible financial position according to Lifetime’s Truth cash flow modelling software.

Lifetime financial planner Tracey Warring

Says Tracey: “Debt issues and tight on income, all in all it was a very unhealthy financial picture. The gentleman was also unhappy at work – and both husband and wife wanted to know if he could semi retire or afford to change to a lesser paid job.

“Sadly I had to explain that they couldn’t afford to change – and that the Truth financial modelling software was showing they would both have to work at least to state pension age, if not beyond.

“The gentleman was rather upset that I had been so honest about their situation, but understood why. This ‘bluntness’, backed by the story being told by the Truth software, was a real shock to them both.

“But as a result they have spent the last two years watching their spending, paying off debts and the lady has in fact worked more hours. And guess what? I have recently re-evaluated their financial situation and they have now got a great, healthy picture, completely different from before: debts gone; income greater than expenditure; they have savings; and the husband can now afford to change his job to part-time or even stop entirely in a few months if he wants!

“It was a real help to me in this situation to have the back-up of the Truth cash flow modelling software, to show the clients they were in some financial trouble.

“And they are now very grateful that I told them exactly how it was two years ago. Telling them the truth of their situation.”

Lifetime’s customer coaches and financial planners – together with our Truth cash flow modelling software – can help change lives.

Truth indeed has the power to shock. Yet it also has the power to unveil a new path….a path to happiness and prosperity.

At Lifetime, we put a client’s story at the very centre of what we do. We listen to their hopes and dreams for the future. And we make an informed effort to bring that story – past, present and future – to life.

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