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‘Inspiring’ times ahead as launch of BBIS proves a big hit

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Posted on: 18/09/2013

“Fantastic idea”

“Great to see you taking the initiative like this”

“Tremendous turn-out”

“Lifetime should be congratulated for coming up with a venture of this kind”

“Thanks so much for the invitation, we are so excited by the project”

“Great school, great idea, great people, great students”

“Can’t wait to get started”

That was just some of the fantastic feedback received from the official launch of Lifetime’s Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students at Horizon Community College on Tuesday night.

The passion for the project was clearly palpable, and special guest, Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith, was highly impressed.

She said: “The turn-out for the event has been tremendous – and the enthusiasm everyone has for the project, from Barnsley business people to the Horizon teachers and the students, is something that I’m sure will drive the venture forward.

“I have met some lovely people tonight who are so committed to this idea.

“It has been a very good event and I am sure the scheme will go well – and live up to its name of inspiring students.”

Lifetime Communications Director William Bottomley delivered a speech as part of the presentation, along with Horizon Principal Nick Bowen and Assistant Principal Charlie Brammer, before the speakers who have committed their time – and ‘their story’ to the venture – were given a guided tour of Horizon College by the students.

Mr Bottomley commented: “The Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students project is about the positive messages we can give local students, about living and working in and around our community.

“We are a local business, employing local people and living locally, sending our children to local schools, and we love it!

“There are so many excellent businesses and inspiring people who work in our community – and we believe this is a great place to live and work.

“Our business leaders, people who love their jobs, people who have grown up in our community and would regard themselves as successful -and not necessarily materially but also that they lead happy and fulfilling lives – authors, poets, sports people, actors, people who work in our community, people with a connection to us, these people are willing to share their experiences with our students to inspire them to become what they can be. And that’s fantastic.

“We also have people from Barnsley who now live elsewhere, but who want to come back into Barnsley schools and tell their story.

“We have been amazed at the enthusiasm we have encountered from the companies and individuals, from all walks of life, who want to get involved in BBIS. Everyone at Lifetime would like to issue a big, big thank you to them all.”

Lifetime’s Sales Director Brian Skelton added: “I’d like to say a very well done to all involved in this initiative. The speakers on the night were excellent, and the students, James and Joe, who showed my particular group around, were very confident and represented the College so well.”

The ‘committed speakers’ who attended the launch night were effusive in their praise for the BBIS project.

Tracey Johnson, of Barnsley Development Agency, said: “It is great to be part of it, thanks for having us!”

Brothers Joshua and Jake Ingamells, the co-owners of Big Sky Records and part of popular local rock band Hitomi, were thrilled to be involved. They told Lifetime: “The whole thing is just such a fantastic idea and a great opportunity for everyone involved. We are so grateful for being invited to be part of it as speakers. Lifetime deserve immense credit for doing something like this – and Horizon is such a fantastic school to host it.

“We are so excited about being able to come in and speak to the students – and we’ve seen from the launch that we are certainly not alone in being excited by the whole prospect!”

Rebecca Sykes, of Blush Photography, commented: “It’s a great feeling to be part of such a project and to get involved with such fantastic people, not only from the Barnsley business community but also from Horizon, the teachers and the students.”

And Andy Nicholson, Managing Director of Doyle Consultancy Ltd, said: “Thank you for a superb evening, we are proud to be involved.”

Twitter and Facebook were also awash with glowing comments over the success of the launch – and the potential future of the BBIS.

Sarah Goldthorpe, the Assistant Editor at BBC Look North, tweeted: “I’m very impressed – exciting times ahead!”

Donna Bedford, the Client Services Director at Leeds-based Fantastic Media, responded with: “Looking forward to the next steps!”

Adele Haywood, owner of Blue Light Photography, tweeted: “Loved it!”

Laura Davies, owner of CopyCat Costumers, chimed in: “A real pleasure to be involved! What a great scheme and I can’t wait to get started!”

Kate Betts, Media and PR Consultant and owner of Capital B Media, said: “Let’s inspire the next generation!”

Wayne Bullimore, the Chief Executive Officer at Barnsley FC Community Sports and Education, tweeted: “Great to be involved, fantastic initiative!”

Jane Whitham, of Barnsley-based PR firm Cream Consultancy, enthused: “Fabulously inspired by Horizon CC kids at launch of new biz/school initiative with Lifetime. Horizon is a super asset to business community.”

And Barbara Poisson, owner of Pennine Lavender, tweeted: “At Horizon School in Barnsley last night for BBIS launch. Kids fantastic – bright, confident, polite & no sign of a cane!”

Bridget Pearson, owner of Your Bridge to China, said on Lifetime’s Facebook page: “Great event! Can’t wait to get started!”

And her view was echoed by James Brandon, of The James Brandon Company, who commented: “Great night at the BBIS launch event. Awesome venue! Thanks so much to Andrew Lodge for getting me involved!”

Here are a selection of pictures from the launch night, taken by Lifetime’s Communications Manager Victoria Oliver and Horizon Year 11 student Eve Lodge:

Here is a list of the prospective speakers who will give their time – and ‘their story’ to inspire Barnsley students:

Ian Dickinson, Managing Director, Lifetime

William Bottomley, Communications Director, Lifetime

Neil Hodgson, Business Development Manager, Lifetime

Stewart McShane, Owner, Smarter Training & Consultancy Ltd

Helen Russell, HR Director, Kantar

Helen Clarke, Production Manager, Margaret Howell

Clare Bottomley, Owner, Moo Designs

Andrew Painten, TV Producer/Director, owner of Manufacture Media

Steven Wills, Owner, B & W Studio

Robert Armitage, Managing Director, Alusec UK Ltd

Mark Asquith, Director, DMSQD

Kyle Wilkinson, Creative Director, DMSQD

Daniel Maw, Director, DMSQD

Stan and Shelley Bulmer, Owners, Stan Plus Stan Two Photography

Chris Pearsall, Owner, Chris Pearsall Landscaping

Peter Laverack, Regional Director, Orona

Malcolm Exley, Managing Director, Wharncliffe Business Systems

John Heckingbottom, Business Development Manager, Barnsley Development Agency,

Kate Betts, Media and PR Consultant, Owner of Capital B Media

Adele Haywood, Owner, Blue Lights Photography

Laura Davies, Owner, CopyCat Costumes

Ian Hobson, Managing Director, Cascade Water Systems

David Markwell, BBC Radio Producer & Horizon Radio

Bridget Pearson, Owner, Your Bridge To China

Simon Biltcliffe, Managing Director, Webmart

Ashleigh Porter-Exley, Young Apprentice winner 2012

Gordon Beever, Founder, Bespoke Concrete

Janice Starkey, Zumba and Barnsley Hospital Charity

Donna Bedford, Client Services Director, Fantastic Media

Ben Mansford, Chief Executive, Barnsley FC

Wayne Bullimore. Chief Executive, Barnsley FC Community Sports and Education

Helen Ball, Chief Executive, The Civic Barnsley

Judy Sidebottom, HR Business Consultant, Barnsley Development Agency

Lindsey Cornish, Chief Editor, Ballad Of

Jonathan Lee, Author

Milly Johnson, Author

Amanda Heenan, Director, 360 Engagement

Roya Pourali, Director, 360 Engagement

James Brandon, Owner, The James Brandon Company

Stuart Turner, Director, Sushi Machines

David Exley, Managing Director, Ledgard Jepson

Charlotte Guest, UK Business Development Manager, HSG UK

Alison Fernandes, Family Law Expert, Irwin Mitchell LLP

Emma Jane Phillips, Bid Manager, Bull Information Systems

Andy Nicholson, Managing Director, Doyle Consultants Ltd

Matt Watson, Co-owner, MKDO

Kimb Jones, Co-owner, MKDO

Jackie Brook, Director, Care Industry News

Julie Whitfield, Director, The Academy Theatre and Chatterbox Nursery

Joshua Ingamells, Co-owner Big Sky Records and professional musician

Jake Ingamells, Co-owner Big Sky Records and professional musician

Rebecca Sykes, owner, Blush Photography

Ian McMillan, writer, poet and radio presenter

Darren Padgett, Diurector, Team Activ

Sarah Goldthorpe, Assistant Editor, BBC Look North

Jade Ridley-Edwards, Marketing Manager, Wortley Hall

Jim Logan, Maymask Group Ltd

Mike Lees, Head of Resilience and Security, Barnsley Hospital

Rita Britton, owner, Pollyanna

Geoff Britton, accountant

Tracey Johnson, Barnsley Development Agency

Jane Whitham, director, Cream Consultancy

Elizabeth Hudson, director, Cream Consultancy

David Peckett, Everest ‘The Old Way’ Mountaineers

John Driskell, Everest ‘The Old Way’ Mountaineers

Jenna Carr, TLS Recruitment

Diane Graham, Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

Dominic Beck, Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce

Liz Paton, Tarnished Studios

Becky Gorman, Becky Joy Photography

Floyd Peltier, Enterprise Development Manager (Family, Adult and Extended Learning)

Mark Crossley, professional football coach and former player

John Bolton, New Horizons

Pete Thornton-Smith, owner, [email protected]

Julie Roberts, Content Strategist, Content Honey

Amanda Lennon, Barnsley Digital Media Centre

And a thank you also to all the other supporters of the BBIS venture, including Richard Nicholson (Cannon Hall Farm) and Chris Barrow, Managing Director of CD Potter and Sons Ltd.


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