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Lifetime’s personal touch….personified by Paul!

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Posted on: 04/11/2020

By Andrew Lodge

The picture that goes with this article is of Paul Lee, one of Lifetime’s great team of financial planners. Now, I like the man, I think he is a lovely human being, who happens to be damn good at his job. Helping people comes so naturally to him.

And, guess what? I’m not alone in my admiration for the guy!

Lifetime clients think the world of him too!

Maxine Armitage, in leaving a five-star Google review for Lifetime’s services, had this to say: “I have been with Lifetime for over 12 years and have known Paul Lee, my financial adviser, for quite a bit longer. Paul has become a very trusted friend and I feel comfortable talking to him. Whilst being with Lifetime I have used a number of their services, investments, mortgages, pensions, will writing and POA’s. All these have been guided by Paul who introduced us to the specialist advisers, his colleagues within Lifetime. They all provided a splendid service.

“Quite a few significant events have taken place in my life over recent years which have involved close scrutiny of finances. Paul has been there every step of the way. If I need him, I have dropped him a line and he has responded quickly; in normal times with a visit, or more recently with a face-to-face zoom meeting. It has been a great comfort to me to have someone that I can have easy discussions with. He has come to know, intricately, my business and family and uses his extensive knowledge to provide the best advice for me.

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“There is no comparison to high street banks. The personal service Lifetime offers beats them hands down. I would recommend Lifetime to anyone seeking financial advice about anything! For the personal service – top marks. This kind of service is very hard to find these days, especially in the present situation.”

How good was that?

I am so proud of Paul, but he is not alone in delivering such a fantastic service. He is part of a team at Lifetime who are passionate about helping people live the life they want.

If you want help with your financial planning, get in touch. Start your journey……



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