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When free means free!

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Posted on: 18/08/2021

There’s not many people who talk freely about money. Yet here at Lifetime we make a habit of it!

We believe that money, and what we do with it, is an important subject.

One starting point is how much you have to pay out. Or not, as the case might be!

Take Lifetime’s digital service.

  • There is no fee for filling in the Fact Find
  • There is no cost to you having at your fingertips a dedicated Digital Customer Coach
  • There is no cost for the financial planning video you receive

That’s the truth. Gospel. No hidden costs. Everything is free for you up to that point.

We care about your financial wellbeing. We want you to have the necessary knowledge, insight, help and guidance to make you financially secure today, tomorrow and in the future. By taking that first step, and filling in the Fact Find without it costing you a single penny, you will begin a journey of enlightenment that will lead to a full understanding of what your money options are.

So, let’s look at where the cost may come in, if you so choose.

Once you have had the opportunity to watch and fully digest your free financial video, you may want to act upon any recommendations made and engage with one of Lifetime’s highly qualified financial planners. The cost for that is £149.

You do not have to go on and receive in-depth research, analysis and advice on your situation from a financial planner. The choice of becoming a fully-fledged Lifetime client is entirely up to you, but we passionately believe that ongoing help and guidance can change lives.

Start your free financial plan today (link here).


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