Majority ‘not sure’ about their retirement, Lifetime poll shows

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Majority ‘not sure’ about their retirement, Lifetime poll shows

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Posted on: 28/09/2020

There is a worryingly large number of people who are ‘not sure at all’ what their retirement will look like, a Lifetime poll has indicated.

The poll, carried out for a week across our Twitter and Linkedin social media platforms, was titled ‘Are you confident about your retirement?’.

There were two options: ‘yes, I’ve got it mapped out’ and ‘no, unsure how it will pan out’.

On Twitter 81% of people who took part in the poll went for the ‘no’ option, with just 19% saying they have their retirement plans well under control.

On Linkedin, the gap was slightly narrower but still a big majority for the ‘unsure’ side, with 73% going for ‘no’ and 27% saying they had their retirement all mapped out.

The results emphasised once again that there is a tremendous need for professional financial advice and assistance in this area.

People clearly need help in putting a financial plan in place that will bring their hopes for their retirement into much clearer focus.

At Lifetime we have put together an innovative digital service that offers a pathway for people to take control of their finances and make better informed money choices. Retirement planning forms a key part of our service.

If you think we can help you plan properly for your retirement, so that you can live your future life exactly how you want, then please get in touch, either by telephone (01226 208700) or email: [email protected]


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