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‘Q & A’ with Lifetime MD Ian

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Posted on: 23/09/2013

Our very own managing director Ian Dickinson is a pretty busy chap – but he kindly made time to get involved in our ‘question and answer’ session.

The results were brilliant – and showed the character of the man who has helped turn Lifetime into a financial management force, and a leading ‘player’ in putting something back into the community.

Ian said: “I hereby bare my soul……!”

1: Your first job?

Ian: My first job was re-fitting showrooms for MFI. Working away at just 16. What an adventure for £45 per week and 90 hrs pw!!

2: How did you get into the career you’re in?

I was recommended to the branch manager of Allied Dunbar (Doncaster Branch) by an acquaintance of mine.

3: What’s the best piece of advice anyone has given you?

Your reputation is like a fire, easy to maintain but once extinguished very hard to re-ignite!

4: What do you think is the worst mistake in the work place?

Making decisions that have not been thought through. Never rush a decision you are unsure about, wait and the answer will become apparent.

5: Most embarrassing/funniest thing that has happened to you?

Having sat all morning at an industry conference listening to two presenters, one very capable, the other the most un-inspiring, we went for lunch and sat at a table with three of my colleagues and six strangers. We indulged in the usual banter, before I then went on to take the ‘poor presenter’ to pieces with the quality of his presentation. But…..I then realised that one of the six strangers was the guy I was ‘taking to pieces’! I hasten to add that he did not stay for his sweet!!”

6: If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would you be?

I would be in some sort of self-employment. I do not know what but I would be working for myself.

7: Favourite thing about God’s own county, Yorkshire?

The dry humour and direct approach. The real ale too!

8: Three Desert Island items?

Guitar, Bob Dylan’s chord book, Halle Berry ha ha!

9: Favourite hobbies?

Golf, sailing and skiing.

10: What would you like people to remember you for?

That ‘he gave his all to be the best he could be’.

Ian finished off by saying: “My motivation has never been the money. I am interested in the challenge of creating a truly exceptional business that delivers on all levels, client, staff and strategy.

“I feel we are well on our way to achieving our objectives in what is a very challenging sector.”

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