‘BBIS’ ladies deliver inspirational stories to Netherwood pupils

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‘BBIS’ ladies deliver inspirational stories to Netherwood pupils

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Posted on: 01/07/2016

Netherwood ALC in Barnsley welcomed their first ‘BBIS’ speakers on Thursday.

The ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ programme is the brainchild of Lifetime – and is on offer at a number of local schools, including  Horizon Community College, Penistone Grammar, Darton, Holy Trinity, Netherwood and Greenacre.

Netherwood held a ‘careers drop-down day’ on Thursday (June 30) and had contacted Lifetime to see if we could possibly provide BBIS speakers to go along and ‘deliver their story’ to students.

As a result, Jane Robinson, the director of Barnsley-based laser-cutting firm Cutting Technologies; Louise O’Leary, the Artistic Director of StandBy Method Acting Studio in Sheffield; and Chloe Adams-Pickford, an undergraduate student from Barnsley who is currently studying Engineering Science at The University of Oxford, kindly agreed to take part in the day.

Said a Netherwood representative: “It was a brilliant day.  The BBIS speakers were excellent and as a school we had great feedback from both students and staff.

“A special thank you has to be given to Chloe who stuck around all day and plugged a couple of gaps for us.”

“We would definitely use the BBIS again and maybe also look at other types of activities in the next academic year.”



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