New arrival Andy is ‘excited’ about finance – and making dreams come true!

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New arrival Andy is ‘excited’ about finance – and making dreams come true!

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Posted on: 18/09/2020

In his own words, Lifetime’s new National Business Development Manager Andy Wealthall reveals what is getting him excited about his change in career:

I am not an expert when it comes to writing articles, or producing a post. So I don’t really know about what is best to write; something short and sweet, or something that explains things in great detail. I just want to share my story, well the latest chapter of it anyway! So here goes….

I have recently been fortunate enough to secure an exciting new position with financial planning company Lifetime, after leaving STA Travel.

STA were a great business who sadly couldn’t make it through the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. I have spent most of my working life being a part of the travel industry and I am extremely sad to see so many talented individuals now looking for new opportunities.

I am now embarking on a new challenge, in what is for me a completely new industry! I have to admit that I never thought finance would be something that I would ever be a part of – never mind getting excited about!

Yes, all my friends out there, especially those in the travel sector, I did use the word ‘excited’. About finance, a subject or industry that I’m sure lots of you think of as being rather dull. I’ve already discovered nothing could be further from the truth!

Lifetime, the company I’ve joined, passionately cares about its customers. They are a company who focus on people not products. They put their customers and clients at the very centre of what they do. I got so much satisfaction in my travel industry role in making dreams come true for people, for 2/3 weeks a year in their lives. Just imagine the amount of satisfaction I will be feeling when I have played my part in helping dreams come true for the best years of a person’s life!

With the challenges we are all currently facing, the uncertainty of Covid-19, employment worries, potentially reduced incomes etc,  it has never been more important to be aware of our financial positions – and if you do not fully understand your financial situation then get some help. We have to try and ensure that we all get through to the other side of this terrible situation.

Why I am writing all this now? Is it to promote a business that I have joined?


It is not about Lifetime. It is about realising something. The sudden dawning of understanding.

After just two weeks at Lifetime I have learnt so much, about myself and my own financial picture. So if this post makes just one other person stop and think it will be well worth it.

I admit:

  • I had no clue about my pensions, I have a number from different companies and I don’t know what they are worth or when I have any hope of retiring.
  • I have been burying my head in the sand because I have filed everything relating to my pensions, savings and investments in the ‘too hard to do box’ and hey, I’m too young to worry about it right?
  • I have made some pretty poor financial decisions and had I received a little help and guidance I would have been in a much better position for the future.
  • I have learned that it is not too late to gain a clear understanding of my financial picture, and that may make a difference.
  • There are people and businesses that genuinely want to help and will put the customer first.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here. Well……

  1. Don’t discount any other industries; you will be surprised at how exciting they can be and how your transferable skills are needed and welcomed.
  2. Don’t bury your head in the sand when it come to your finances and your future. Take a look at this link, and perhaps, like me, you will start a journey that is truly enlightening.


Keep well all and stay safe.



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