Five-star feedback for Lifetime financial planner Robert reinforces ‘why we do what we do’…..

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Five-star feedback for Lifetime financial planner Robert reinforces ‘why we do what we do’…..

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Posted on: 22/02/2021

There are times when a financial adviser or financial planner can be so much more than just a professional person imparting their knowledge, and giving advice.

They can also be a trusted human being to turn to in a time of need.

Lifetime financial planner Robert Bligh (pictured below) was the ‘trusted human being’ who one Lifetime client relied upon for a helping hand.

The client has had it extremely tough – twice over – in the last year or so. Firstly she lost her mum, who passed away just after the COVID-19 epidemic began, and then just last month she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Not only did the client need assistance with her financial affairs, but clearly she needed other things too.

Help, understanding, guidance, care and concern, empathy, professionalism, practicality; the client needed all of those things.

As we knew he would be, Robert was up to the responsibility, so much so that she was moved to leave a glowing five-star review on Lifetime’s Google business page – paying tribute to her financial adviser ‘going well beyond the extra mile’.

Her review reads: “Robert Bligh has recently been both my mother’s and my own financial adviser. When my mother died last year after the COVID-19 epidemic began, Robert was very helpful not only with advice, re: sorting my mother’s financial affairs, but also advising with probate and other legal matters. Move to January 2021 and very unexpectedly, I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I was in a situation where I had to sort out my will and financial affairs on my own and also quite quickly to ensure that family was provided for appropriately. I phoned Robert whilst I was still in hospital and not only did he step up to the plate, he went above and beyond anything I could have expected from a financial adviser.

“Robert subsequently advised me about various specifics I needed to include in the will and we discussed best options. He then moved on things very rapidly to ensure I was put in touch with a solicitor and because of the circumstances, the will was fast tracked and all completed in a short space of time. Throughout this process, Robert kept in touch with me to ensure all was going smoothly. But not only that, he has called to enquire about my wellbeing and has shown a genuine care and concern.

“For me, going well beyond the extra mile has made an enormous difference in how I have been able to deal with complex financial and legal issues in this difficult situation and I would recommend Robert Bligh’s knowledge, professionalism and care without hesitation.”

Now Robert may well not describe his actions as ‘going well beyond the extra mile’. He did what he did for his client because that is the type of man, and financial adviser, that he is. But also he fully understands the Lifetime ethos, the ‘why’ we do what we do.

Not what we do,  but why!

Lifetime’s ‘why’ is clear: It is to help our clients. It is to make a positive difference, through guidance and advice, to every client we come across. It is to listen to them, their hopes, fears and aspirations, and put them at the very centre of what we do.

Those are our core beliefs. It is why this business exists. We will always endeavour to reflect and reinforce those beliefs.

Thank you Robert for putting those beliefs – which are your beliefs too – into action like this.

And thank you to a loyal Lifetime client, for taking the time to show your appreciation in this way.


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