Looking forward to the cold months?

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Looking forward to the cold months?

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Posted on: 15/10/2013

It’s official,the summer is over. The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling from the trees, the heating is on, the winter clothes are out and yes, the first adverts for Christmas are on the telly!!

Hibernation is not an option so how do you cope with Autumn and Winter?

Here are a few of the things which cheer people up here at Lifetime and can only really be enjoyed during this time of year: Real fires; warm puddings; fresh, crisp, sunny mornings; lovely scarves and boots; not being too hot; pie and peas; winter festivities; snowmen and sledging; stew; Christmas parties; snowdrops and cyclamen. Not worrying about a bikini body or six-pack!

Is the onset of winter feeling a little more inviting yet? What helps you get through, can you add to the list?


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