Helping people secure their mortgage brings great job satisfaction

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Helping people secure their mortgage brings great job satisfaction

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Posted on: 27/01/2021

Helping people land a mortgage brings a real buzz to the Lifetime team.

That’s according to our Mortgage department manager Michelle Youel.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic playing havoc with the lives of so many people, Michelle (pictured) says that over the last 12 months she and the dedicated Lifetime mortgage team have still managed to bring smiles to numerous faces, by helping secure that much coveted mortgage!

Says Michelle: “One young man who was a first time buyer had issues with his mortgage offer running out right in the middle of the first lockdown in 2020. We managed to get his case re-offered and needless to say he was delighted!

“A young couple came to us via the website and were delighted with our service and said they would definitely use us again.

“Another young couple gave great feedback about the service they had received from us, and even suggested that we took care of the conveyancing too, as they said our side of the business had gone so much more smoothly!

“We have also managed to help a lady who thought that she would never be able to get a mortgage and would have to sell her home, which understandably she didn’t really want to do. She was over the moon with our help and guidance and kindly sent us a glowing Google review.

“And on the protection side of things we had a client who had been sadly diagnosed with a tumour and reluctantly made a claim for critical illness which I helped chase up. The claim was accepted and paid out in full. It just goes to show the importance of protection and your overall financial plan.

“I must admit that when we get these sort of comments from happy customers and clients it does make the job worthwhile and certainly gives me a sense of job satisfaction.

“It is good to know that partly down to our efforts the clients have moved into their new home, or we have managed to save them some money on their mortgage repayments by sorting out a re-mortgage.”

  • If you need help with a mortgage then please contact us.


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