Stories can be so powerful, they matter, and that is why we love listening to our clients

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Stories can be so powerful, they matter, and that is why we love listening to our clients

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Posted on: 21/09/2020

By Andrew Lodge

Stories can be so influential, compelling, beautiful even. They can be heartrending too. True stories carry a particularly potent power all of their own. In essence, they matter.

We are not alone in that viewpoint. Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thrones fame clearly thinks the same. He (or should that be George RR Martin?) even claims that ‘nothing’ can stop a good story.


It is something that I have always believed in too.

At Lifetime we love listening to the people that matter to us. Our customers. Our clients. It is their story that counts, not ours. It is about their hopes, dreams, aspirations. Our experts are there to guide people on the path to achieving all those things that they want.

That is why I was so keen to have ‘Stories that matter’ as the title for our client page. Many websites use terms like ‘client testimonials’, ‘Testimonial section’ or ‘Customer reviews’. Of course they are fine and I am not knocking them. But I wanted to try and get across the fact that it was a client’s story that was paramount in our thinking.

Here are three stories that matter that we are so, so proud to have been part of:

“We wanted to change the way we lived our lives. We wanted our money to work for us, to help us achieve our dreams and ambitions. We needed financial advice but had no experience of a financial planner.”
– Lifetime clients Richard and Mandy Walker


“It gave us the reassurance that we could have an early retirement, that we were definitely going to be okay. It was important that we had that back-up and had someone who could explain things so easily.”
– Lifetime clients Brian and Denise


“How can we be sure that we can manage our finances for the rest of our lives? That was the big question for us – and that is the security that Lifetime provides, in terms of the ability to give us that understanding, and the answer to our questions, so that we can plan accordingly.”
– Lifetime clients Les and Margaret


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