Ten things to think about and act upon before end of tax year

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Ten things to think about and act upon before end of tax year

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Posted on: 03/04/2024

The current tax year ends on Friday (April 5th).

Here are 10 things that are worth thinking about – and acting upon.

  • Have you maximised your pension contributions?
  • Have you considered making a pension contribution for a child or grandchild?
  • Have you used your annual ISA allowance? £20,000 per adult.
  • Could you use your annual Capital Gains Tax exemption?
  • Have you used your annual dividend allowance?
  • Have you used your annual savings allowance?
  • Could you make use of your annual gifting allowances for IHT purposes?
  • Have you considered a transfer of unused personal income tax allowance between spouses?
  • Would a transfer of assets between spouses reduce taxable income/growth? Remember, a transfer between spouses does not result in crystallised gains.
  • For those that have lost or are losing an element of Child Benefit due to earnings levels – consider making a pension contribution to restore the full benefit.

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